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  • This APP is designed to be SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK to use.
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Developer's Description

This APP is designed to be SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK to use.

This APP is designed to be SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK to use.

People who do not use computers much can easily navigate this APP.

Willie Washington (MoneyMakinWillz) Born January 14th 1993 in Mobile,Alabama. As a young talented artist, New to the Music business and very ambitious he sees no other way to catch the peoples ear but giving them something they can relate too. MUSIC!!!!! in any form or fashion. Willie was raised in Newport News, VA (UPTOWN). The area has its ups and downs, Going to school playing sports are a big thing in the Peninsula area, but not all stay focused due to the environment. With that being said Money Makin Willz has a story to tell.

As a young icon Money Makin Willz touches every genre of music always trying to open new doors and reach the potential to a new side from within. EVERYONE has the right to shine at what they do and Money Makin Willz has no plans on stopping until he gets what he has coming. "Success is something a lot of people are scared of" says #MMW in a recent interview.

With not much guidance in the music life "Jarrod Reid" Willie's childhood friend convinced him and a few childhood friends to start a music group, not only cause they all enjoyed music but also cause he saw the potential in the group. With the support from their families and friends the group was a success and gave them all a "REASON" they say. "Life is what you make it, but what can you make outta nothing?". Interesting young men with interesting points of views, only makes you wonder what does this music contain. SoUptownEnt is proud to have Money Makin Willz as their artist and FAMILY member.

Willie (MoneyMakinWillz) grew up on Sharon & Savage Dr (Warwick Townhomes) a loving bout rough area which at the time had a lot lot going on with the NNPD (NewporNewsPoliceDepartment) vice, ATF, and Gang Unit in The process of taking down local rap group "Thug Relation" for many counts of Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping, Gun Charges & ect. Coming from the same place, Going to school and playin sports with/under a few of the group members made the normal life a little harder growing up in the area. "Not cause off the activity , but more so cause the regular local officers normally reminded the younger men what they were surround by and what path they would follow if the had any thing to do with it (Jail or Dead), no matter what we did we were just like the older guys in their eyes" With the mindset of a leader MMW promises he wont become another statistic "I'm here for Bigger reasons"...

Our app allows you to easily stay up to date with everything we've got going on, communicate with us at the touch of a finger, and even receive notifications from us for all the latest happenings.

Download this simple, easy and quick to use app now and check out our brand new application today!

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