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SellEbit for Windows

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Key Details of SellEbit

  • Manage sales from Web sites, automate filling orders and reporting
  • Last updated on 12/02/19
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
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Developer's Description

Manage sales from Web sites, automate filling orders and reporting.
E-Commerce web sites often use use 'Buy buttons' or shopping carts provided by payment gateways like PayPal so their customers can select products to buy. Customers can securely complete a purchase via the payment gateway, which sends an e-mail to both the customer and the merchant. sellEbit processes these e-mails (and other transactions), extracts the contents, and puts the details into a database on your computer.

When a transaction file for a sale is processed by sellEbit, an acknowledgement and receipt are mailed to the customer and the sale is placed in a list which is used by the merchant to track the order as it is filled. The Email details stored in the database can be used to: Display histograms of transactions, products and stock levels; Display reports of income and transactions (sales, donations and purchases); Display directed graphs of relations between transactions, items, products and customers; Send bulk mail to customers. sellEbit can be used by merchants to handle sales, charities to record donations or customers to record purchases. Digital data can be distributed and software licenses generated and sent.

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