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  • Power-Packed Features and Expert Design...
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Power-Packed Features and Expert Design...

Power-Packed Features and Expert Design:

Designed by Verbal faculty with 24 years of experience, this advanced GRE vocabulary learning system:

offers a stimulating learning environment

utilizes creative feature design

works on your phone, tablet and computer

With it, mastering the tough GRE test vocabulary becomes an easy, interesting adventure of discovery.

Its simply your best choice for learning the tough GRE test words!

Focused yet Comprehensive Vocabulary Coverage

1,500 handpicked high-frequency GRE test words:

focus on only the necessary words and meanings but

cover all the required ones

Harnesses the Power of Thematic Grouping

Words relating to the same idea have been grouped together so you can:

see them together

learn them together

remember them together

Powerful Vocabulary-Learning Tools:

images that provide unforgettable illustrations of word meanings

sentences that vividly reinforce understanding of the meanings

usage explanations that are so good they simply sink into your brain

inventive mnemonics designed to help slippery word meanings stick

Targeted Testing, Gradual Information Delivery

This apps intelligently progressive approach doesnt overwhelm you with all the details all at once. Instead it:

targets words you got wrong

gives focused practice on the words you find most difficult

gradually gives you additional information and help as and when you need it

Flexible Design Accommodates Different Learning Styles

Learn by:

guessing, testing, and gradually getting more and more help for words you get wrong or

switch to the review mode and get all the information about the word all at once

Bookmarks Feature

Makes sure you can always go back to the words you want to


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