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Install Learn Chinese-Animated stroke order on your iOS device.



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Animated stroke order is the best Chinese learning dictionary,Learn How to Read and Write Chinese Characters : We Includes more than 50000 characters and 350000 words and 50000 idoms and All Primary and secondary schools of ancient poetry.

Chinese Character Stroke Order Rules With Animated Examples

Learning the proper stroke order for writing Chinese characters has always been very important for getting the proper shape of the characters and as an aid in memorizing the characters themselves. In modern times, it is also necessary for input of characters by drawing them on mobile devices. Fortunately, the proper stroke order is easily learned once a few basic rules are followed.

easy to use, fast, works offline.

Offline pronunciation. (human voice)

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Search by Chinese, Pinyin, or English.

Wildcard matches allows you to search for words matching a Chinese or pinyin pattern simply by entering an asterisk as the placeholder for zero or more characters (search by Chinese) or pinyin syllables (search by Pinyin).

Search by Radical and Stroke Count. This is the traditional way to search for Chinese characters. You'll need to make an educated guess as to which is the radical of the character.

Search commonly used characters by their structure and components. The obvious and modern extension to the traditional search by radicals, our Components search tab allows you to locate characters that have the specified character structure (e.g. left/right or top/bottom) and the specific components. The components can be characters or radicals. A great way to find characters that are related by their meaning, pronunciation, or structure. However, if you are simply trying to locate a specific character whose shape you already know, it is easier to use the handwriting recognizer.

Fuzzy pinyin match makes it easy to find words even when you are not sure of the correct pronunciation. You can control the degree of fuzziness from just ignoring tones to forcing matches pinyin syllables that sound similar to Chinese learners, such as the z/zh initials and the n/ng finals.

Control the length of the Chinese words matched.

Learn to Write Chinese Characters,Download and use the App which will show any character in animation.

There are various ways to describe the stroke order of a character. Children learn the stroke order in courses, as part of writing learning. Various graphical representations are possible, most notably successive images of the character with one more stroke added (or changing color) each time, numbering strokes, color-coding, fanning, and more recently animations. Stroke order is often described in person by writing characters on paper or in the air.

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