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  • Powerful Text-based AAC App.
  • Last updated on 11/5/2019
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Developer's Description

Powerful Text-based AAC App.

Trusted by thousands of schools and hospitals, Flip Writer AAC delivers effective and empowering tools for adults and children with speech or hearing impairments and other complex needs. All packaged in a beautifully crafted easy-to-use interface.

This is the iPhone version of our flagship product for iPad.


- Type a message on Flip Writer, and this message is displayed on two displays, one facing you and a second outfacing display for your communication partner(s).

- Tap the large white flipped display for high-quality Text-to-Speech. Double-tap to play a loud chime.

- The very large tap surface for Text-to-Speech is extremely useful for those with motor difficulties. The entire white flipped display can be tapped to generate synthesized speech.

Popular use cases:

- In noisy and uncertain environments such as banks and airports where unambiguous communication is important.

- Discussing personal or private matters such as asking for directions to the restroom or otherwise requesting help regarding sensitive matters.

- Communicating technical jargon such as measurements and abbreviations with car mechanics or home repair technicians.


- The built-in Speech Recognition allows communication partners to speak into the app and have their speech converted to large and legible text that can be easily read.

- Family members and colleagues can also simply type their thoughts into the app and have it read by their DHoH communication partner.

- Perfect for educators working with DHoH learners in group settings.

Popular use cases:

- Lawyers, medical staff, and service professionals using it communicate with DHoH clients.

- Communicating with DHoH family members.

- Educators and school staff communicating with DHoH students in classroom settings.


- Large Flipped Display with adjustable Text Size

- High-quality Text-to-Speech

- Customizable Accents and Speech Rate

- Large tap surface for synthesized speech

- Optionally enable Return Key for synthesized speech

- Compatible with external keyboards

- Built-in loud Chime to attract attention

- Save and Organize frequently-used Phrases

- Customize Text Size in Flipped Display

- Flipped Display auto-scrolls during conversations

- Simple, inviting interface with large buttons and minimal distractions


Paul from Melbourne, with Bulbar Palsy writes:

" AAC apps with voices freak me out and in public places generate too many stares. With Flip Writer, the conversation is private and flows as immediately as a vocal chat - people respond really well to it! "

Janet from the University of Wisconsin writes:

" We are using the app to help communicate with a new hearing impaired employee. We first used it during training and it has since turned out to be an invaluable tool even in our day-to-day interactions. "

Meredith from New Hampshire writes:

" Visits to the bank and the doctor's office are so much more pleasant now with FlipWriter and my family is thrilled with how well I'm able to communicate with this app. Thank you so much! "

" Thanks for creating an awesome app, we will produce handouts with screenshots for our families! "

- Therese Willkomm Ph.D., Department of Occupational Therapy, University of New Hampshire.

" I own and like this app very much! We use it on our 8 iPads at our University Clinic for the graduate students to use with their community clients. "

- Nick Bisselle, MS, CCC - SLP


Designed by researchers from Stanford University, Flip Writer AAC is built like a rock. It has been rigorously tested in the field and our outstanding and friendly support team are standing-by to help with any questions.

Get your copy now and instantly open up a whole new world of communication.

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