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  • "I can tell you this much: I've tried it, and I want it.
  • Last updated on November 2, 2019
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"I can tell you this much: I've tried it, and I want it.

"I can tell you this much: I've tried it, and I want it. And I wasn't that much of a photo enthusiast to begin with." -- Stan Schroeder, Mashable

The Enfojer App is the software counterpart to the Enfojer hardware device - the first darkroom photographic enlarger for smartphones. The Enfojer App allows your smartphone to project a digital negative image from the LCD screen onto photographic paper in a darkroom, using the Enfojer hardware enlarger for focusing, sizing and physical cropping of your image. The Enfojer App enables you to select any image from your library, prepare it for darkroom development, set helpful development timers for the chemical bath development process and - most importantly, control the Enfojer hardware hands-free, using only sound controls - by snapping your fingers.

The Enfojer App also turns your LCD screen into a bright white light-source if you'd like to use the Enfojer hardware to develop images from 35mm or medium format film!

Features include:

- Hands-free, audio controls

- Turning a selected image into a b/w negative image

- Adjusting contrast settings

- Lens vignetting correction

- Variable manual exposure times

- Variable development bath timers

- Enables printing of images from your phone or from traditional film

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