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Make Google Drive more secure

Get file encryption and strong password protection to secure your stuff.

A gamer's guide to online security

How to protect your passwords, online accounts, and credit cards.

Review: Avast Browser Cleanup

The browser security tool in Avast's antivirus program is now a free standalone app. Is it effective at identifying bad add-ons?

Review: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

Clear adware and malware from your Mac with Malwarebytes' tool, formerly known as AdwareMedic.

Beef up your browser security

When you're looking at the Web, don't let the Web look back at you. These quick tips will help you plug privacy and security holes in your browser.

How to remove bloatware

Bloatware is annoying at best; at worst, it's malware like Lenovo's Superfish that puts your system at risk. Here's how to scrape the bloatware barnacles off your shiny new Windows PC.

What to look for in a password manager

Password managers save you time and protect your accounts. You want one with good password generation, encryption, autofill, and cross-platform compatibility.

Blur Premium

Defend your passwords, payments, and privacy.

9 malware defenders

You need more than antivirus to protect your PC. Kill spyware, adware, and other malware with these apps.

What is malware?

To combat malicious software, you must first know your enemy. Find out how to identify and remove malware.

The best paid VPN for Windows

Virtual private networks offer a number of advantages: secure Internet access, greater privacy when you're Web browsing, and access to geo-restricted content. We've tested paid VPN services to find out which one is worth your money.

A buyer's guide to VPNs

If you want to hide your IP address or browse with more privacy, tunnel into the Internet with a VPN.

SOS Online Backup

If you're looking for secure cloud backup, SOS is an excellent alternative to Google Drive or iCloud.

Passwords 101

Passwords guard your most private and sensitive information. Here's how to make sure they're strong enough for the job.

Two-step verification 101

A strong password is a good start, but a second form of ID leaves your info much safer. Learn a few quick settings tweaks to lock down your email, social media, cloud storage, and other accounts.

​Backup basics

Don't lose your information to hacks or hardware blowout. We show you how to prevent data loss and recover from PC failure.

Dashlane review

Protect your passwords and your privacy.

Review: IVPN

Increase your privacy on the Internet with this premium virtual private network.

​Review: Hotspot Shield

Connect to a reliable, feature-rich VPN.

5 tips for running Windows XP relatively safely

Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP. If you can't upgrade (or don't want to), follow these tips to continue running Windows XP with a little security.