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Key Details of Uptrader

  • Improve processes for your firm's hiring, investing, demand and supply chain management decisions
  • Last updated on 06/21/20
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Developer's Description

Improve processes for your firm's hiring, investing, demand and supply chain management decisions.
Uptrader is a process improvement app offering these powerful tools to help you manage your firm:

Talent Acquisition Tool - After your business weeds out job candidates based on initial screenings, your recruiters may still face a tough & complex decision about who to hire, with nothing to guide their decision making accept their intuition about a candidate. Uptrader resolves this problem by guiding recruiters through a proven framework for selecting the right candidate.

Supply Chain Selection Tool - Select a supply chain partner based on objectives that resonate with your SCM strategy. There's a proven approach for choosing manufacturers, suppliers, and carriers. Uptrader helps firms stop second-guessing these decisions with its supply chain selection module.

Decision Process Reporting - Uptrader generates reports, which give managers insight into how and why a key business decision was made. This feature can also help your team members corroborate their business decisions as being free of bias and psychological traps - such as deciding using the status quo, incrementalizing.

Marketing Tool - Many of the important marketing decisions your firm faces are tough and complex, with no easy or obvious solutions. Since selecting a proper marketing mix can involve numerous and complex considerations, Uptrader helps firms avoid loss and error via the structured framework in its demand management module.

Investment Support Tool - Making good investment decisions is a fundamental business skill & one of the most important determinants of business success. Uptrader helps firms think systematically about their alternative realty and business investments in order to help them select the right deal.

Network Distribution - With one click, get Uptrader for your entire team - without the hassle of installations. Whether your employees only run the latest version of Windows or last year's version of Mac, they can all access Uptrader as a service via cloud delivery.

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