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Free Data Collector - Limitless Web Scraper for Windows

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Key Details of Free Data Collector - Limitless Web Scraper

  • Gather data from any Web site right from your Chrome browser
  • Last updated on 09/18/20
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
The Download Now link will direct you to a page on the Chrome Webstore site where you can download the software using Google Chrome browser.

Developer's Description

Gather data from any Web site right from your Chrome browser.
Free data extraction from any websiteData collection reimagined, without page limits.Free Data Collector was completely rewritten to offer an interface similar to what you already know - Excel. You can visually compose your final file, and can easily capture the right web elements thanks to our point-and-click guide.Our Chrome extension brings expert-level data sourcing software into the mainstream, focusing on easy-of-use for users who may be new to data extraction, limitless browsing for the most serious data jockeys, and advanced features for experts looking to maximize both control and efficiency.

Features: Excel, CSV and JSON exports. Recipe creator. Source code "guide" integrated into recipe creation. RegExp-ready, including character extraction and boolean presence test. Standard and non-standard attribute analysis and extraction. Custom text isolation and capture between two fixed points. AJAX event management, such as page scrolls and button clicks. In-app data manipulation, validation, and/or exclusion prior to export. Various browsing controls and throttles, such as blocking java script or multimedia objects for faster browsing.

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