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AutoPilot, search guards, and animal avatars in new Bitdefender

AutoPilot, search guards, and animal avatars in new Bitdefender

Making their debut in the 2012 version of Bitdefender's security suites are interesting new security features, a simpler, easier-to-use interface, and a mythical half-dragon, half-wolf. (They're not saying which half is which.) Check out what Bitdefender's premium suite Total Security 2012 provides in this First Look video.

You can download Bitdefender Total Security 2012 , Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 , and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 from CNET

See what's new in Thunderbird

The latest version of Thunderbird jumps from version 3 to version 5, matching its sibling Firefox as it joins Mozilla's rapid-release program. Thunderbird 5, available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is mostly a bug-fixing release that improves stability. It also shortens and improves the workflow for adding new e-mail accounts.

Watch what the program's got, and what it lacks, in this new First Look video.

Chrome support comes to free Norton betas (video)

With around two months left before they debut, the beta versions of Norton Internet Security 2012 (download) and Norton AntiVirus 2012 (download) provide a solid glimpse of how Symantec wants to protect you in the coming year, including significant updates to its detection engines. See what else is new in this First Look video.

Most interesting of these under-the-hood improvements is the ability to scan downloads not just for viruses and malware, but also to determine if the file will adversely affect your computer's stability. Other new features include long-awaited Google Chrome support, online backup, and an Android app … Read more

First look at Apple's Final Cut Pro X

After two months of waiting, Apple's Final Cut Pro X has arrived. The software went live in Apple's Mac App Store yesterday and has officially replaced previous versions of Final Cut Pro: both the Studio suite and Apple's pro-sumer Express product.

I've spent the day with the software putting it through the paces. As you'll read, it worked out well for me, but my needs are not necessarily that of this application's target audience.

As background, let me get it out right from the top that I'm not a professional film editor. My … Read more

Everything you need to know about Firefox 4

Everything you need to know about Firefox 4

To get you started with the Editors' Choice-winning Firefox 4, here's CNET's First Look at the browser. (Download Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac, and Linux):

One of the best features in the browser is Firefox Sync, which will not only synchronize Firefox across multiple computers, but it will also sync to your Android version of Firefox 4.

Firefox has a deep backbench of add-ons to provide features not found in the standard version of the browser, and you can also customize the interface in ways that you can't with other browsers. Here's how to make your … Read more

Chrome still shines, 10 versions later

Chrome still shines, 10 versions later

Google Chrome (download version 10 for Windows | Mac | Linux) took the browsing world by storm in 2008, pushing its fast page-load speeds and minimalist interface. Two and a half years later, Chrome has grabbed a 10 percent share of the browser market by doing more than just getting faster and keeping the stripped-down look. Chrome 10 also rolls in competitive support for future-Web technologies like HTML5 and hardware acceleration, personal data synchronization, extensions and themes, and a bucketload of other useful improvements like Cloud Printing and frequent automatic updates.

Whether you're new to Chrome or just want to make … Read more

First Look video: Trend Micro Titanium

First Look video: Trend Micro Titanium

A new name heralds some big changes for Trend Micro's Titanium suites. The overhaul to Titanium Maximum Security 2011 brings users a faster suite with a smaller system impact. There's a lot of top-shelf extras to like here, too, but is that enough to sell security on?

Check out our First Look video above for a quick take on the suite, or read our in-depth reviews for Maximum Security 2011 and its sibling suites, Titanium Internet Security 2011 and Titanium Antivirus+ 2011.