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  • To Count? Or, not to count? That is the question. Can you look at a carton of eggs and tell how many are left just by looking? Can you determine...
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To Count? Or, not to count? That is the question. Can you look at a carton of eggs and tell how many are left just by looking? Can you determine...
To Count? Or, not to count? That is the question. Can you look at a carton of eggs and tell how many are left just by looking? Can you determine the amount of people at a table without walking around and tapping each of them on the top of the head? If you said yes to any of these questions then you, my friend, are a SUBITIZER!Su-bi-tize (verb) To perceive (know), at a glance, the number of items quickly presented. Welcome to The Subitize Tree! This is the newest app from TeacherTipster.com! The object of the game is simple. Owl, frog, snail and many more of the forest animals have gotten trapped inside the Subitize Tree. You must perfect your subitizing skills in order to save our animal friends. Save all ten animals to beat the game and become a master subitizer!Getting StartedChoose a difficulty level (easy, medium or hard). This will determine how quickly the doors open and close on the Subitize Tree.Choose what object type you would like to play with. You may choose from playing cards, dominoes, symmetrical arrays, dice, ten frames, rekenreks, hands, random arrays and colored counters.You can also choose random if youd like the game to randomly present items from all of the object types.Touch PLAY.How to PlayTouch the green subitize button and focus your attention on the doors.These doors will open, temporarily revealing a group of items, before slamming shut again.It is your job to subitize the objects while the doors are open! Now, you must decide how many objects you think are behind the door.Touch the number button (1-10) to make your final choice.The doors will re-open and reveal whether your choice was right or wrong.If you were correct you will activate one of the four lights found on top of the subitize box. When four lights are activated, an animal will be set free!Once an animal is released, its matching star will be activated as well.Set all of our animal friends free to beat the game!NotesYou can open the menu at any time to adjust your game play settings (difficulty or object choice).There is no penalty for choosing a wrong answer. You simply wont receive points for that answer.You can isolate the objects in the menu if you want to practice on one particular object type. Research on SubitizingResearch indicates a strong relationship between subitizing skills and math achievement in the early grades.Research has also shown that subitizing benefits older students.Subitizing supports addition (counting on) and subtraction (counting back) skills.Subitizing supports fluency in more than and less than skills.Subitizing strengthens grouping skills (skip counting and multiplication)Subitizing supports fluency in recognizing visual patterns.Subitizing supports mathematical speed and accuracy.Some studies indicate that children are capable of subitizing as many as 15 objects correctly!Instant recognition (subitizing) has been adopted by several pedagogical systems, such as Montessori, Cuisenaire and Dienes.Common Core ConnectionK.CC.1 Count by 1s and 10sK.CC.2 Count forward beginning from a given numberK.CC.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and quantitiesK.CC.5 Count to answer how many about things arranged in an arrayK.OA.1 Represent addition/subtraction with objects, fingers, drawings, etc.K.OA.3 Decompose numbers less than 10 in more than one wayK.OA.4 Find the number that makes 10 when added to the given numberK.OA.5 Fluently add and subtract within 51.OA.5 Relate counting to addition and subtraction1.OA.6 Fluency for addition/subtraction within 101.NBT.1 Read numerals and represent a number of objects with numbers2.OA.2 Use mental strategies to add/subtract within 202.OA.4 Find the total number of objects arranged in arrays2.NBT.2 Counting within 1000

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