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Smashing Memory Optimizer for Windows

Key Details of Smashing Memory Optimizer

  • Optimize memory to speed up your PC.
  • Last updated on 9/3/2015

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Developer's Description

Optimize memory to speed up your PC.
Smashing Memory Optimizer is a free Windows memory optimization and process management tool. Optimize Memory to Speed Up Your PC with Smashing Memory Optimizer. Smashing Memory Optimizer Features: 1. Free Up Windows Memory Usage. Free you system resource and speed up your PC! 2. Recover Memory From Windows Programs. Free up memory from programs to boost speed! 3. Eliminate Memory Leaks. Eliminate the memory leaks of programs. 4. 1-Click Optimization. One mouse click to optimize Windows memory. 5. Process Monitor. Show CPU Usage, Disk I/O and Memory Usage of running process. 6. Free Frozen Windows. Show running program's Window, and close the frozen Windows.

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