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SATAK Splitter Home Edition for Windows

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Key Details of SATAK Splitter Home Edition

  • Split large files into smaller fragments.
  • Last updated on 9/11/2013
  • There have been 4 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

Developer's Description

Split large files into smaller fragments.
Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 allows you to split a file into multiple fragments of a specified size or you can simple chose the number of small fragments of the file to be split. These files can then be sent over the Internet and can be reassembled, or 'spliced' together, at the other side by just simple mouse click.In order to splice the small fragments of a file you don't even require a copy of Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 at the other end, rather you get an executable file to do this for you. This is especially useful when sending a file which is larger than an email provider will allow for file attachments.

Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 can even be helpful for backups. A file of, for instance, ten gigabytes in size can be split into smaller components that then can be burned to CD's, DVDs, copied to USB sticks or uploaded to an online backup service.

Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 is a Windows program that will split any file into pieces of any size and later combine the pieces to form the original file. This could prove useful in a number of situations:Suppose you need to transfer a file from one stand-alone computer to another. A flash drive is often the only possible means for transferring the file, but if the file is larger than what your flash drive's size, it won't fit on a single flash drive. Simply split the file in small fragments that can fit in the flash drive , and then copy the pieces from the flash drive to the other computer and easily reconstruct the original file.

Or Suppose you need to send a 100 Mb file as an email attachment, there is no way you can send this file as an email attachment even if you compress the file it would not fit in the email as an attachment. Splitting the file into small fragments is an ultimate solution in such situations which is under the permitted size of the email provider you are using.

There are many other possibilities for using Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1. I'm sure you can think of a situation where The Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 would be helpful.

Satak Splitter Home Edition 1.1 also gives you an additional feature of securing your files with a password which you can set while splitting the files. The person who is joining the file using the executable file has to authenticate the password before joining the files else the file wont join.

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