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Relay Tripping Curves Pro for Windows

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Key Details of Relay Tripping Curves Pro

  • Graph the setting curves of the ANSI 50/51 functions of the different protection relays
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Developer's Description

Graph the setting curves of the ANSI 50/51 functions of the different protection relays.
Relay Tripping Curves-PRO is a software that allows calculating the mathematical equations of the characteristic curves of overcurrent protections according to different standards of the main manufacturers of protection relays and represent these curves in a plot with Log-Log scale in a friendly and simple way.

This software arises from the need to have on hand, at the level of engineers, technicians and engineering students, a simple tool when representing the characteristic curves of the 50/51 function settings of the protection relays, and It has the advantage of not using a data base for each manufacturer, but rather, it performs the calculations of all the mathematical equations and with it feeds the necessary data to plot the curves, it can also represent the trip data of a equipment of protection and compare with the settings curves and make a test report and even compare the selectivity between two curves and roughly represent the starting current of some load to also compare with the setting curve of the protection relay.

Features:Plotting up to 20 setting curves for the 50/51 functions of the different protection relays.View the numerical calculations of the plotted curve and print the resultsGraph the trip points of the protection relay and compare with the adjusted inverse curveActivate a cursor to indicate the Amp and Time values along some plotted curve.Make a report that includes the relay data, the trip verification table and the curve graph.Calculate and optimize the selectivity between 2 plotted curves.Change to primary values, change the scale of the Log-Log plot and graph curves at different voltage levels.Graph the starting current of the downstream loads to verify adjustments of a graph curve.

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