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Key Details of Pryer

  • Receive hourly report of staff computers activities
  • Last updated on 02/18/20
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Developer's Description

Receive hourly report of staff computers activities.
Pryer - Check what is going on in your business while you are away. Pryer is an application that will report the activities on your companies computers with keystrokes, window titles and screenshots. It will increase your business profitability and efficiency and will warn you for dangers or problems in your company. It will also allow you to know which staff is hard working and which are lazy and who is honest and who is not.

Pryer Staff Monitoring Application - How it works. Per pc that you monitor you get an hourly email during a period that you specify (usually during office hours) . In that email you see per 30 seconds what was the active window the person was working on. Like this in one glance you conclude if he/she was working or not. In the title of the email it says the percentage that the worker was active for example : John's PC 59% active in the past hour In case there is reason for concern from the active window titles you can scroll down in the email and there you find data grouped in three minute periods with a screenshot of the complete monitor on top followed by keystrokes typed. This software allows you to spend minimal time checking your employees and still have everything under control. It allows you to check the office activity from any location in the world. It also shows you exactly if your employee is punctual and does not leave too early or has too long lunches. Sometimes you also will see one person completely overloaded and another one sitting idle at the same time. It is an excellent management tool to then shift some work from the overloaded to the "sitter".

Why Pryer is important for your Business: With Pryer you will be able to control your company locally or remotely and know exactly if your business is prejudiced by lazy or corrupt employees. Also you will know about dangerous developments like a person undertaking his own business activities while being on your payroll, or stealing from the company by for example nominating suppliers with a kickback commission. You also will be able to distinguish good workers from bad workers and reward them accordingly as well as enabling you to distribute the work evenly over the staff.

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