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Easy Disk Catalog Maker for Windows 10

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Key Details of Easy Disk Catalog Maker for Windows 10

  • Easy Disk Catalog Maker is the fastest application for cataloging and indexing files, stored on your disks (e.g.
  • Last updated on February 29, 2024
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Developer's Description

Easy Disk Catalog Maker is the fastest application for cataloging and indexing files, stored on your disks (e.g.

Easy Disk Catalog Maker is the fastest application for cataloging and indexing files, stored on your disks (e.g. Hard Drives, DVDs, Blu-rays, Network drives etc.). It helps you find a file you are looking for in seconds without even connecting all those disks to the PC. Easy Disk Catalog Maker brings simplicity in file management so you can get more work done in less time, whether you are a normal PC user or belong to a large enterprise.

You probably have many disks with documents, music files, photos and videos collections, software setups, game backups, data backups and others at home or at your business.

- What if you need one of your file which is only few MB in size, but you cannot remember where it is and searching on the internet doesn't help!

- What if you need an important document but you cannot remember on which disk it was stored?

- What if you have lots of archive files (zip, rar, 7z, iso etc.) on your disks and you want to find the file that is inside an archive file?

- What if you just want to know what files are on your disks and want to print reports of each disk's content?

You might have to check all your disks for that file or document, insert them into the computer one after another, waste a huge amount of time and waste the precious electricity for file few MB in size.

But, you don't have to do this if you use Easy Disk Catalog Maker! With Easy Disk Catalog Maker, you can quickly and easily find the necessary file or folder and view the contents of your disks without inserting them into the PC!

Use Easy Disk Catalog Maker to:


- Organize your disks in more manageable and searchable format.

- Catalog files and folder under archives (zip, rar, 7z, iso, tar, vhd and many others) so you don't have to remember which archive has the file, just compress the data to save the disk space.

- Catalog your music files and save their IDv3 tags (Album, Artists, Performers, Genres etc.) along with the file information to find them quickly.

- Add categories and locations to the database and use them to find the files you want quickly.

- Export your catalog to CSV or PDF files. You can also print pretty looking reports of the disk contents.

- Catalog files and folders residing on different Computers and find the necessary file or folder quickly from a specific Computer when you need them.

- Add people to contacts list and keep track of all the disks you lend to them.

** Free Edition is limited to 10 disks per catalog.

Easy Disk Catalog Maker Customer Reviews:


"This program very quickly has revealed files I either forgot I even had, or thought were lost. Just within the past 30 minutes, I have found some old scanned photos I had completely forgotten I had. Scans of photos I no longer have access to the originals of. And that was simply an old DVD I picked out - at random - to test the software with. Those photos alone are worth far more than the price of this software."

Louis H

"A straightforward and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to quickly catalog DVD, CD or Blu-ray disks and organize your data."

Alexandra Savin [Softpedia.com]

"This software does precisely what its name points out: it helps you easily and quickly catalog disks. Click "Scan Disk", select the disk that will be scanned, and Easy Disk Catalog Maker will take care of the rest. In no time at all, it will catalog the disk you select and will allow you to review the cataloged disk from its user-friendly interface."

George Norman [FindmySoft.com]

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