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Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate for Windows

By Eassiy TechnologyTrial version

Key Details of Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate

  • Record video, audio, games, camera, etc.
  • Last updated on 2/9/2023

Developer's Description

Record video, audio, games, camera, etc.
1. All-in-one screen recorder tool with more than 10 tools including video recorder, audio recorder, game recorder, camera recorder, locked window recorder, Android recorder, iOS recorder, screenshot tools, video trimmer, video merger, video converter, video to GIF converter, metadata tag editor and more. 2. Professional smart features including schedule recording, auto-stop recording, auto split etc. You can customize once or weekly video recording according to starting and ending time, recording length, and file size. After the recording is completed, you can also customize the action as you wish.3. Advanced video and audio recording features: You can move the recording area around/follow the mouse during live recording, record your sound clearer with background noise cancellation and microphone enhancement features and record video with camera noise reduction function.4. Useful tools for video production: real-time annotation while recording; video editing, video merging, video compressing and video converting after recording; Medadata editing for video and audio.5. All-in-one screenshot tool: Take a full, partial and scrolling screenshot easily, you can even take a screenshot of pop-up menu when the program is operating.

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