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Custom Inventory Barcode Labels for Windows

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Key Details of Custom Inventory Barcode Labels

  • Generate linear and 2d barcodes.
  • Last updated on 9/12/2022
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Developer's Description

Generate linear and 2d barcodes.
Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Business Retailer has two formats- (A) Quick barcode mode: it has also contains two types of barcodes to generate first one is linear barcode and second one is 2d barcode. For generating the barcodes in both option has the same properties to both of quick barcode mode user have to provide the value of barcode, header, footer. Some fonts are not supported in linear barcode as a value it takes the barcode value mostly in numeric form to generate bar code. In the 2d has an option to append the message and it can takes the barcode value in alphabetical type & numeric type. In this mode setting option as general which have include header margin ,footer margin, left and right margin, top and bottom margin and dimensions (B) Barcode designing view mode: Barcode Designing View Mode software offers a variety of options for creating professional barcode labels for the inventory control. Software enables some standards tool drawing tools, shapes and alignment of labels. Drawing tool has included texts, signature, images, barcodes, label background custom shapes, library images and label shape to create unique and attractive labels. Shapes have contained with rectangular, circle, ellipse, star, line, triangle, and polygon etc. standards tolls contain the Image processing: it has preview the picture used in label, set their brightness and picture position. The Batch process series allows user to create multiple copies of barcode and labels with varied values. In this process has two types to stored data in barcodes custom data sheet (we have to create values for every barcode) and use created data sheet (stored data set used that was created by us). We can extract barcodes and labels in file formats as jpeg, PNG, bitmap, image and PDF

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