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Condenser Design for Windows

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Key Details of Condenser Design

  • Perform thermal design calculations for shell and tube condensers
  • Last updated on 07/03/17
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Developer's Description

Perform thermal design calculations for shell and tube condensers.
Thermal design calculations of Shell & Tube condensers for horizontal condensers, vertical condensers including reflux condensers; main features: Support S.I Units/English (U.S) Units of measurement, Units converter containing 23 measurements and 200 units. Import physical properties data to hot side and cold side from Microsoft Excel & from WeBBusterZ Physical properties database (included). Save/Load results. +Export Results to Engineering Data sheet (excel, pdf formats supported). +Export Results summary to Microsoft Word or Print Results summary.

Calculations: Horizontal (shell side/tube side),Vertical (shell side/tube side) and Reflux condensers thermal design. Full/Partial condensation (Subject to condensation model selection please visit webbusterz for more). Sub cooling, super heated vapor, Zone analysis, Shear Controlled and Gravity Controlled condensation (Subject to condensation model). Basis and assumptions that the software makes during the calculations are stated on a visible panel. Support single phase vapor condensation on hot side and liquid coolant on cold side, bare tubes only. TEMA designations. Calculate unknown Cold side temperature, Unknown Hot or cold side flow rate. Triangular and square pitch tube orientation. +Detailed results displays many calculated variables such as: Duty, Area, Number of tubes, Shell/Tube velocities, flooding velocity and operating velocity for reflux condenser, Reynolds numbers, Condensation heat transfer coefficient, flow regime, Number of Baffles and Baffle spacing, Scale resistance (dirt factor), Overall heat transfer coefficient for both Clean and Fouled conditions, Pressure drops. Track calculation changes from trial to another. Basic Physical Properties estimation database included as separate software (Contains 1450 components, free with full version). Add your own properties in the additional user databases. Tube counts,standard tube sizes tables, Thermal conductivities.

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