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Key Details of VEKTR

  • The VEKTR app is a free app available to all VEKTR users.
  • Last updated on November 7, 2019

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Developer's Description

The VEKTR app is a free app available to all VEKTR users.

The VEKTR app is a free app available to all VEKTR users. Even though anyone can download the app, not everyone will be able to use it. The app requires user authentication which is granted upon subscription to the VEKTR software. The user authentication consists of a User Name, Password and a host name pointing to a custom VEKTR site. The VEKTR app does not contain the complete VEKTR software. Our goal is to provide our users with a mobile solution that will be available on their mobile devices, to perform a variety of different Inspections and Work Orders.

The VEKTR app works in offline mode, meaning that no internet connection is required to use the software. However internet connection is required to upload your data to your VEKTR website.


The following connection methods can be used to upload/download data to your device: Cellular; WiFi; 3G or 4G. All data are stored on your VEKTR website; during synchronization, certain data are brought down to the device, such as Inspection Templates, Work Orders, Groups, Resources and Accounts. Data that are stored locally on the device, such as completed Inspections and Work Orders, will be uploaded to your VEKTR website.

Once data are synchronized to the web site, they are available in real time for Business Intelligence, Dashboards and users review.


Inspections performed with the VEKTR app are generally used in facility management, school districts, franchises, and other industries that require periodic Inspections, Audits, Surveys, Site Visits, Compliance. The VEKTR app makes it easy to perform these inspections electronically instead of using paper, thus saving time and cost and increasing accuracy.

Work Orders:

Work Orders in the VEKTR app represent notifications of work that needs to be performed and allows the creation of new Work Orders. It also allows users to Edit, add comments and attach pictures of the completed work (to provide documentation), and close the Work Order.

SMS & Email Notifications:

When Inspections and Work Orders are synchronized back to your VEKTR website then notifications of completion will be dispatched to interested parties.

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