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Ultra File Opener for Windows 10

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Key Details of Ultra File Opener for Windows 10

  • Ultra File Opener (UFO) supports over 500 different file types all in one application.
  • Last updated on February 29, 2024
  • There have been 9 updates
  • Virus scan status:

    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

The Download Now link directs you to the Windows Store, where you can continue the download process. You must have an active Microsoft account to download the application. This download may not be available in some countries.

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Developer's Description

Ultra File Opener (UFO) supports over 500 different file types all in one application.

Ultra File Opener (UFO) supports over 500 different file types all in one application. Not only will it open popular image, text, and archive files instantly but you can also edit, convert, and print them from your PC. Stop downloading specialty software for each file type you want to open and get your own copy of UFO today!

Supported file formats include:

Images and Graphics - 3FR File,ART File,ARW File,AVS File,BMP File,CALS File,CR2 File,CRW File,CUR File,CUT File,DCM File,DCR File,DCX File,DIB File,DNG File,DPX File,EMF File,EMZ File,ERF File,FAX File,FITS File,FPX File,GIF File,ICO File,J2C File,J2K File,JBIG File,JNG File,JP2 File,JPC File,JPEG File,JPG File,KDC File,MAT File,MEF File,MIFF File,MNG File,MOS File,MRW File,MTV File,MVG File,NEF File,NRW File,ORF File,OTB File,P7 File,PALM File,PAM File,PBM File,PCD File,PCDS File,PCX File,PEF File,PFA File,PFB File,PGM File,PICON File,PICT File,PIX File,PNG File,PNM File,PPM File,PTIF File,RAF File,RAS File,RAW File,RLA File,RLE File,RW2 File,SCT File,SFW File,SGI File,SR2 File,SRF File,SUN File,SVG File,TGA File,THM File,TIF File,TIFF File,TIM File,VICAR File,VIFF File,WBMP File,WMF File,WPG File,X3F File,XBM File,XCF File,XPM File,XV File.

Video Files - 261 Files,3G2 Files,3GP Files,4XM Files,ANM Files,ASF Files,AVI Files,BFI Files,BMV Files,C93 Files,CDG Files,CDXL Files,CIN Files,DFA Files,DRC Files,DV Files,DXA Files,F4V Files,FLV Files,GXF Files,H261 Files,H263 Files,H264 Files,IVF Files,LVF Files,M4V Files,MJ2 Files,MJPEG Files,MKV Files,MM Files,MMF Files,MOV Files,MP4 Files,MPEG Files,MPG Files,MTV Files,MV Files,MVI Files,MXF Files,MXG Files,NSV Files,NUT Files,NUV Files,P64 Files,PAF Files,PMP Files,PVA Files,RL2 Files,RM Files,RMVB Files,ROQ Files,RPL Files,SMK Files,SWF Files,THP Files,TXD Files,VC1 Files,VIV Files,VIVO Files,VMD Files,VOB Files,WEBM Files,WMV Files,WTV Files,XMV Files,YOP Files.

Audio Files - AAC Files,AC3 Files,ACT Files,ADTS Files,AEA Files,AIFF Files,AMR Files,APC Files,APE Files,AU Files,CAF Files,DTS Files,EAC3 Files,FLAC Files,G722 Files,GSM Files,IFF Files,IRCAM Files,ISS Files,M4A Files,MLP Files,MP2 Files,MP3 Files,MPC Files,OGG Files,OMA Files,PVF Files,QCP Files,RSO Files,SBG Files,SHN Files,SOL Files,TTA Files,VOC Files,VQF Files,W64 Files,WAV Files,WMA Files,WV Files,XA Files,XWMA Files.

Archive Files - 001 File,002 File,7Z File,APK File,ARJ File,ATX File,BZ2 File,BZIP2 File,CAB File,CAR File,CBR File,CBZ File,CMP File,CPGZ File,CPIO File,DEB File,DIAGCAB File,DMG File,FAT File,GADGET File,GZ File,GZIP File,HFS File,IPK File,ISO File,JAR File,LHA File,LZH File,LZMA File,MSU File,NTFS File,NUMBERS File,PAF File,PAGES File,PIZ File,PUZ File,R00 File,RAR File,RAR_ File,RPM File,SCS File,SFX File,SQUASHFS File,SWM File,TAR File,TAZ File,TBZ File,TBZ2 File,TGZ File,THEMEPACK File,TPZ File,TXZ File,WAR File,WIM File,XAR File,XPI File,XZ File,Z File,Z01 File,ZHTML File,ZI File,ZIP File.

Partial Files - Crdownload File, Part File, Partial File.

Portalbe Executable Files - ACM File,AX File,BPL File,CPL File,DLL File,DPL File,DRV File,EX_ File,EX1 File,EXE File,MSSTYLES File,MUI File,OCX File,SCR File,SYS File.

Text Files - ADB File,ADS File,ASA File,ASAX File,ASM File,ASP File,ASPX File,AU3 File,AUT File,BAS File,BAT File,BC File,BlueButton File,BSH File,C File,CC File,CFG File,CGI File,CLN File,CLS File,CMAKE File,CNF File,CONF File,CPP File,CS File,CSPROJ File,CSS File,CTEST File,CTL File,CXX File,DEF File,DFM File,DIZ File,DLG File,DOB File,DOCBOOK File,DPK File,DPR File,DSM File,DSR File,E File,ERB File,ERL File,ES File,EXP File,F File,F2K File,F90 File,F95 File,FOR File,FRM File,G File,GD File,GI File,H File,HH File,HPP File,HRL File,HTA File,HTACCESS File,HTD File,HTM File,HTML File,HXX File,IDL File,IFACE File,IMPL File,INC File,INF File,INI File,IPP File,ISL File,ISS File,JAVA File,JS File,JSP File,KSH File,LOG File,LST File,LUA File,M File,MAK File,MANIFEST File,ML File,MLI File,MM File,MP File,MPX File,NFO File,NSH File,NSI File,ODL File,PAG File,PAS File,PHP File,PHP3 File,PHTML File,PL File,PM File,POD File,POV File,PP File,PROPERTIES File,PY File,PYW File,R File,RAKE File,RB File,RBW File,RC File,RC2 File,REG File,RHTML File,RJS File,RSOURCE File,S File,SESSION File,SH File,SHTML File,SIGN File,SMA File,STM File,TAB File,TCL File,TXT File,URL File,V File,VALA File,VB File,VBG File,VBP File,VBPROJ File,VBS File,VBW File,VH File,VHD File,VHDL File,XAML File,XML File,XMP File,YAML File,YML File.

Misc Files - QFX File,RTC File,DTA File,MST File,UCCAPILOG File,MDF File,BFG File,UPD File,ECF File

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