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MissingLink Project Center. for Windows

By Moore Software SolutionsTrial version

Key Details of MissingLink Project Center.

  • Turn Microsoft Outlook into a Project Management Center.
  • Last updated on 7/25/2015
  • There have been 5 updates

Developer's Description

Turn Microsoft Outlook into a Project Management Center.
All of the information that you need to do your job comes through a single hub, and that hub is Microsoft Outlook. Your entire day, in fact, is spent receiving and reviewing emails and attachments, all through Outlook. Yet, Outlook was never meant to be much more than an email program. With MissingLink Project Center, though, Outlook evolves into a full fledged project management tool!MissingLink Project Center unites all of the files, contacts, and email messages about your projects together in one central location, right in Outlook. With MissingLink Project Center, you can search and capture critical emails on a project-by-project basis, maintain a complete revision history of every attachment with the ability to retrieve prior versions. When your project is completed and finally put to bed, you can use MissingLink Project Center to manage your data, deleting outdated information without sacrificing important items.Best of all, your old projects don't have to clutter up your Outlook PST file! MissingLink Project Center offloads all of your email messages, files, and attachments to an industry-standard database system, ensuring that you'll always have space to tackle your next big job!

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