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  • Mental Abacus Book 3 is a bible on rapid calculations.
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Developer's Description

Mental Abacus Book 3 is a bible on rapid calculations.

Mental Abacus Book 3 is a bible on rapid calculations. It covers all kinds of vedic mathematics tricks for fast calculations. Book 1 introduces rapid calculations on addition and subtraction, while Book 3 mainly focuses on magic ways in solving multiplications. Abacus serves as an incredible tool in making everything easy and fast. Most important of all, all these methods help to activate and keep our brains shape. Further to Book 2, specific abacus pitfalls are included at the same time.

As in the abacus series, Mental Abacus Book 3 is divided into two sections, namely Tutorial and Abaculator.


Interfaces are organized in a simple and easy way as in the previous books. Rapid calculation techniques are explained not only in words, but also with sample questions. Numerous examples with demonstration will definitely further strengthen the study effectiveness. For Chapter 7 onwards, prerequisite knowledge of Book 2 is required.


A great tool that demonstrates the steps for BOTH hands abacus mental arithmetic. Just enter any multiplication equation, Abaculator will determine which rapid calculation method should be used, and show you every step with detailed description and explanation. You can pause and continue whenever you need, or even switch to show set of steps for other number or equation in the middle of the demonstration.


Built-in virtual abacus enables you to follow the lessons and practice the Two Hands Fingering Method on the abacus at the same time. You can try to solve the examples on the virtual abacus by yourself and check with the demonstration steps provided on the page as well.


- All kinds of Rapid Calculations on Multiplication

- Multiplicative Pithy Formula Tricks

- Abacus Decimal Division

- Rounding to the nearest hundredth Pitfall

- Dealing with Negative Numbers on Abacus

- Abaculator auto-determines the best rapid calculation method

- Two hands fingering method fosters right brain functions

- Virtual Abacus allows you to practise along everywhere

- Assists in achieving the ultimate aim of abacus training, transforming visualized beads move on imaginary abacus and getting rid of the substantial abacus

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