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Kingdoms of Camelot for Webware

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Key Details of Kingdoms of Camelot

  • Seize the Arthurian times and build great cities.
  • Last updated on 12/13/2018
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Developer's Description

Seize the Arthurian times and build great cities.

Kingdoms of Camelot offers a persistent Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game (MMSG) experience, hosted on Facebook and Kabam.com. From your own Kingdom's throne, explore the majestic Arthurian settings and revel in the bountiful gameplay options. Soon, you'll understand why Kingdoms of Camelot is the premier web strategy game!

These are dark times for Camelot, for the once infallible King Arthur grows increasingly obsessed by the Quest for the Holy Grail and has become blind to the needs of his subjects. The land suffers from the King's neglect. Barbarians defile the countryside and molest the innocent, while rumors come from court of infidelity and betrayal. Once seen as a beacon of hope, the flame of Camelot is fading.

Many of the finest and most loyal Knights of the realm have long been absent, and some are lost to us forever, yet there is hope. This is a time for new blood and fresh vigor, a time for promising young Lords and Ladies to stake their claim, to impose order on these chaos riddled lands, and to build great cities of their own.

The future of Camelot is in your hands. Seize it, and write your name in history.

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