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Hardcore Social Games Kabam is an interactive entertainment company that creates free-to-play games for social networks and other platforms. Our games are different from "mass market/casual games" that have dominated Facebook. We design games that combine the best elements of traditional and social gaming to appeal to a growing audience of gamers looking for highly immersive social games. Kabam games combine deep, immersive gameplay found in massively multiplayer online strategy and RPG games with the connectivity and interaction benefits of social networks. We believe games should be irresistibly fun to play, so we measure our success based on how often people return to our games and how long they play. The first in a wave of new social games, Kingdoms of Camelot�?�®, Dragons of Atlantis�¢?�¢, Edgeworld�¢?�¢, The Godfather: Five Families, Glory of Rome�¢?�¢ and Global Warfare�¢?�¢, have been praised by the press and, more importantly, our players for their depth of play and social interaction. In fact, Kingdoms of Camelot was recently voted Readers' Choice Facebook Game of 2010 by IGN readers. Our goal? We are working to achieve in social gaming what Blizzard has achieved in PC games. We know that's a high bar to clear, but we're up for it. Besides, why would anyone want to aim to be mediocre?