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Electrical Symbols...

Electrical Symbols

Electrical symbols are used to represent various electrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit. Electrical student and learner can be known about all Electrical symbols with description using this apps

See Symbols Of

-Electrical Wire

-Connected Wires

-Not Connected Wires

-SPST Toggle Switch

-SPDT Toggle Switch

-Pushbutton Switch (N.O)

-Pushbutton Switch (N.C)

-DIP Switch

-SPST Relay

-SPDT Relay


-Solder Bridge

-Earth Ground

-Chassis Ground

-Digital / Common Ground

-Resistor (IEEE)

-Resistor (IEC)

-Potentiometer (IEEE)

-Potentiometer (IEC)

-Variable Resislorl Rheostat (IEEE)

-Variable Resislorl Rheostat (IEC)

-Trimmer Resistor


-Photoresistor I Light dependent resistor (LDR)



-Polarized Capacitor

-Polarized Capacitor

-Variable Capacitor


-Iron Core Inductor

-Variable Inductor

-Voltage Source

-Current Source

-AC Voltage Souroe


-Battery Cell


-Controlled Voltage Souroe

-Controlled Current Source





-Lamp I light bulb

-Lamp I light bulb

-Lamp I light bulb


-Zener Diode

-Schottky Diode

-Varactorl Varicap Diode

-Tunnel Diode

-Light Emitting Diode (LED)


-NPN Bipolar Tmnsistor

-PNP Bipolar Tmnsistor

-Darlington Tmnsistor

-JFET-N Tmnsistor

-JFET-P Tmnsistor

-NMOS Tmnsistor

-PMOS Tmnsistor



-Electric bell




-Optoooupler I Opto-isolator



-Operational Ampli?er

-Schmitt Trigger

-Analog-to-digital mnverler (ADC)

-Digital-to-Analog oonverler (DAG)

-Crystal Oscillator

-Antenna I aerial

-Antenna I aerial

-Dipole Antenna

-NOT Gate (Inverter)

-AND Gate

-NAND Gate

-OR Gate

-NOR Gate

-XOR Gate

-D Flip-Flop

-Multiplexer / Mux 2 to 1

-Multiplexer / Mux 4 to 1

-Demultiplexer / Demux 1 to 4

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