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Deus Ex - Shop Interface mod for Windows

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Key Details of Deus Ex - Shop Interface mod

  • Add shops to levels in Deus Ex.
  • Last updated on June 15, 2015
  • There have been 1 updates

Developer's Description

By Damocles
Add shops to levels in Deus Ex.
To use the shops in a level, simply add a shoptrigger to the map. Give this shoptrigger a tag name of relevance (eg Shop1) and then place a trigger with a matching event name. When the trigger is activated the shop will activate and the player will enter the shop interface screen. I suggest making the trigger happen from a conversation to maintain realism. Also, if you wish to restock the shop at any time you can add a shoprestock trigger object. Trigger this either the same as you did for the shop or by having the player walk over it. Make sure the event of the shoprestock actor is the same as the tag of the shop trigger actor. There is a drawback to the shoprestock class, it can only restock items that are already part of the original shop trigger. For example, if you tried to restock sniper rifles in the shop when the shop didn't have any sniper rifles to start with, it won't restock them. The simple way around this is to add any objects you will need in the future to the shop but give them a stock level of zero. This way they are part of the shop but won't show up in the interface screen. The way you decide what will be in the shop is to go to the shop trigger's properties and expand the tree of shoptrigger. There are seven headings, Ammo, Demolition, Equipment, Heavy, Melee, Pistols, and Rifles. Under each of these are eight item headings. Expand an item heading and you will see the fields: cost, stock and item. Item is the class type that you will use by selecting it in the class browser. Cost is how many credits it will cost per purchase and stock i how many of this item the shop currently has for sale. It's worth noting that certain item do not disply well in the shop - for example the LAM's. If you use the AmmoLAM class rather than the WeaponLAM class the name will be screwed up. And the other problem with LAMs is that the full name ( "Lightweight Attack Munitions (LAM)" ) is a bit too long to fot well on the buttons on the interface. You could however make your own LAM and give it a shorter name.

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