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Key Details of Curation Genesys for Wordpress

  • Did you ever found yourself on the position to read an excellent article on the phone or tablet and thinking: "I could quote this on my blog."...
  • Last updated on 4/11/2020

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Developer's Description

Did you ever found yourself on the position to read an excellent article on the phone or tablet and thinking: "I could quote this on my blog."...

Did you ever found yourself on the position to read an excellent article on the phone or tablet and thinking: "I could quote this on my blog!"? Did you ever wanted to research a new article on the go? Are you doing content marketing and you need to update your website with fresh content when you are on the move?

Now you have the solution: "Curation Genesys" that will make Content Curation and Content Marketing on the mobile as easy as 1,2,3! This is the perfect app for you!

1. Share the link you are interested to the Curation Genesys application (this can be done from your browser or from your favorite RSS reader)

2. Select the paragraphs you want to include in your article

3. Review the final result and publish as draft on your Wordpress site

Is that easy!


- You will always have something to publish on your blog

- Never miss a hot story because you are not at your desk

- Save time, because you are always having your mobile near you

- Grow the content on you website on the go

- Get a brake from the frustrating mobile copy and paste

- Be more productive

Main features:

- Easy to use

- Quickly select desired content by tapping paragraphs

- Connect and Publish to Wordpress platform

- Copy curated content to clipboard and paste to any application

- Automatic add of the cited source to the post

- Can be used with any external application

Who can use it:

- Content Marketers and Digital Marketers, to have fresh content

- Bloggers, to promptly update their WordPress blog or any other blog with latest news

- Social Media experts with the help of copy button they can select text from the web and share it

- Anybody that finds the regular copy and paste on mobile to hard

DISCLAIMER: This is a beta version for now is only supporting sending the post to one Wordpress blog as DRAFT. You can use the official WordPress app to do the final publishing

Update: Now is even easier to do content curation and content marketing. Introducing the copy button. After you have selected the desired paragraphs, you can press the copy button and all the content will be copied to clipboard. This way you can use your selected content on other publisher, not only Wordpress, like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger. But is not all. Now you can use the application not only for blogging and content marketing. You can send your friends parts from web articles. It is now the easiest way to copy and paste on mobile phone.

You can watch tutorial about the copy paste functionality here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9gDpvZu7XA

Short Tutorial

First you need to set up your blog. Enter the application and select settings. In that screen you will enter your WordPress blog address with http:// in front, the user name used for posting and the password. You will then press Test Connection to see if the settings are valid. Once the settings are validated, you can click Apply and the WordPress blog is ready to receive posts

When you found something you will want to curate, for example a good article from the web, you will share the link with Curation Genesys app. After that, the app will break all the article in paragraphs. Having that in place you can select the desired paragraphs by taping on them. When you are happy you can go to the next screen: The Post Editor.

In the post Editor you will be presented with the selected content in quotes and the title of the source with a hyperlink to the original article. Here you can put the post title and make extra changes.

When your are finished you can press publish button and your post will be sent as draft to your configured WordPress blog.

For real life results you can check the Curation Genesys blog here: http://blog.curationgenesys.com/

If you have any problems with the application drop an email at: support@curationgenesys.com

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