Key Details of Black Cat Privacy Suite

  • Protect your computer from hackers by disabling devices on a hardware level.
  • Last updated on January 18, 2015
  • There have been 5 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

Developer's Description

Protect your computer from hackers by disabling devices on a hardware level.
Most people these days have webcams and microphones in their computer, and many may not even realize these features are active. They are standard "features" on most laptops and all-in-one computers. Even the average desktop user has them in some form. The fact is, most computers made today are laptops or all-in-ones on which the webcam or microphone cannot be turned off or disabled. To top it off, having Internet access to a computer is a security risk. There are so many malicious programs, websites, and people on the Internet, that merely having access to it is a risk. This is where Black Cat Privacy Suite has you covered with shields that protect devices like your webcam and your microphone. It is able to secure the devices in such a way that someone can't just turn on the webcam and start watching.You may have heard of the series of scams going around where you are told that you have a problem with your computer, and someone claiming to be with Microsoft is offering to fix the problem. They claim that your computer is full of viruses, or, may indicate other issues have been detected. These people are people who are trying to get onto your computer and actually install viruses and other bits of malicious software onto your computer. On top of that, these people try to get your credit card information and other personal information from you so they can steal your identity, and more. You can typically tell if they are on your computer if your mouse starts to move and open programs seemingly on its own. If this is happening, then it's pretty much too late, there is nothing you can do unless you have Black Cat Privacy Suite. Black Cat Privacy Suite can force them off your system with Lockdown mode that you can enable at any time with one simple keystroke.Features: - Webcam Shield - Protects your webcam - Microphone Shield - Protects your microphone - Network Shield - Cuts your computer off networks - File Destroyer - Permanently deletes files - Recent History Viewer - Allows you to delete Explorer history - Delete Browser History - Resets all major browsers back to defaults - Lockdown mode - Turns on all three shields with one simple keystrokeHere you can download the 30 Day trial, please do give it a try. The trial is fully featured so you can enjoy all of the benefits of Black Cat Privacy Suite for a full 30 days. If you like what you see then you can buy a full licence from which will never expire.

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