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Windows 10: more of your questions answered

Thumb drive issues, beta testing, data caps, browser compatibility, and more.Read more

Mac backup basics

A Mac backup plan doesn't have to be complicated. The easier a plan is to set up and follow, the more likely you are to use it and have a current backup when disaster happens.Read more

How to really delete a file in Windows

Your files don't disappear when you hit the Delete key. Here's how to shred them completely.Read more

Windows 10: your questions answered

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‚ÄčSecure your network with GlassWire - now $20 off

Ever wonder who your apps are talking to? Check for bandwidth hogs and block suspicious applications with GlassWire - now $20 off.Read more

‚ÄčLocation Services 101

Learn how native and third-party apps use your location info and how to manage access.Read more

The best free alternatives to Windows 10's default apps

Find better apps to handle media files, edit photos, read PDFs, and more.Read more