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  • Enjoy fast, safe and private Internet access with advanced VPN service
  • Last updated on 06/07/20
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Developer's Description

Enjoy fast, safe and private Internet access with advanced VPN service.
Looking for the best VPN for Android? The VpnCenter app lets you enjoy secure and private internet access in just a single tap - on your smartphone, tablet, or your Android TV.Enjoy real internet privacy.It's nobody's business what websites you visit or what files you download. VpnCenter keeps your online activity private from ISPs, advertisers, and other snoopers.Protect your sensitive data.We secure your internet traffic with military-grade encryption so that no one can get their hands on your online data.Browse the web from a different region.VpnCenter changes your IP address so that you appear to be browsing from a different location.

Stay safe on Wi-Fi.Hop on any Wi-Fi network without the risk of your sensitive data being exposed. Connect to VPN and enjoy free Wi-Fi securely - at an airport, a coffee shop, a train station... You name it.Shield yourself from cyber threats.The CyberSec feature protects you from accessing dangerous websites that host malware, spyware, and other malicious software. Also, CyberSec makes sure that your device doesn't join a botnet zombie army.Connect automatically.Set VPN to auto-connect on Wi-Fi, on cellular data, or stay connected to VPN online at all times. Simply flip a switch and forget about it - being secure online has never been easier.

More features:Protection for 6 devices with a single account. Award-winning 24/7 customer support. Double VPN for double encryption. No-log policy: we've completed a third-party audit to prove it.

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