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Key Details of Veritas

  • Revitalize unused Word documents with an anti-waste app.
  • Last updated on 1/3/2024
  • There have been 3 updates

Developer's Description

Revitalize unused Word documents with an anti-waste app.
Veritas is a 100% anti-waste application for course sheets, homework and other documents typed on Word ★★★★★ Because every year thousands of files are saved on Word and are never opened again and no longer serve any purpose on your computer. Rather than wasting these resources, let's share them...Educational resources (summaries and basic concepts) just a click away to learn a little and learn a few basics of different disciplines and sciences (medical, management, finance, administration, human resources, psychology, literature, communication, mathematics, physics, astrology , cosmetology, hairdressing, beauty, aesthetics, art, music, etc.) and languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Italian, etc.)Short summaries to gain some insight into various sciences and develop your erudition in a friendly atmosphere. Because learning is a real pleasure.

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