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Tunic OnlyPure Piano Tuner for iOS

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  • Tunic OnlyPure tuning software for piano tuners. Used in concert halls around the world by the best piano concert technicians.
  • Last updated on May 8, 2019
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Developer's Description

Tunic OnlyPure tuning software for piano tuners. Used in concert halls around the world by the best piano concert technicians.

Tunic OnlyPure tuning software for piano tuners. Used in concert halls around the world by the best piano concert technicians.

"Mozart Piano Trio in B flat with OnlyPure. I wish I could record how beautiful and in tune the violin is with the piano in the 5th and 6th octaves. Listening right now. I have also enjoyed the progression of the updates and experiencing the gains you have made with the program. Bravo. "

Phil Bondi, RPT

"The tunings beat-masking effect seems to be real"

Kent Swafford, RPT

"Have acquired many tuning machines and apps over the years. I find yours to be the best in both quality of tone and accuracy !"

Paul Hansen, Piano technician

"I was amazed at the accuracy of the unisons achieved by this app Dan Carney, RPT

"Die Stopper-Stimmung ist der Hammer"

Wolfgang Dauner, Jazzpianist

"Eine Offenbarung"

Daniel Rhm, Pianist

"Ohne Verformung, rein, alle Achtung"

Jasper vant Hof

Native Instruments software pianos "The Giant" and "Unachorda" have been produced using OnlyPure.

Professional OnlyPure Users:

Phil Bondi, Bonita Springs (RPT, USA)

Rick Baldassin, Utah, (RPT, USA)

Sebastian Dhn, Dresden (D)

Brian Becroft, New Zealand (NZ)

Michail Krylov, Moscow, (Bolschoi Theatre RUS)

Kent Swafford, Kansas City (RPT, Head technician University of KC, USA)

Herbert Vogel, Munich (servicing Gasteig Munich D)

Andre Wedel, St. Augustin (Native Instruments, D)

Snke Wunstorf, Hamburg (former Steinway technician)

Tobias Gaiser, Kirchheim Teck (BDK)

Michael Lipnicki, Calgary, (CA)

David Severance, (Washington State University USA)

Stefan Arnolds, Sindelfingen (Jazzopen Stuttgart, D)

Martin Deuker, Berlin (D)

Gerhard Fger, Tbingen (Bechstein, D)

Ulrich Osterland, Berlin (D)

Christian Pohl, Berlin (D)

Martin Salmen, Berlin (D)

Daniel Sikarew, Berlin (D)

Peter Stodulka, Wien (A)

Mieczyslaw Tomczak, Bialystok, (PL)

Paul Lahme, Villars s. Glane (CH)

Ulf Nagel, Garbsen (D)

Bruno Weinberger, Enns (A)

Karl-Heinz Kalscheuer, Mnchengladbach (D)

James Patrick Draine, Billerica (USA)

Al Guecia, New York (former Steinway technician, USA)

Jean Christophe Hannig, Jecklin Zurich (CH)

Thorsten Rhre, Wuppertal (Piano Faust)

Urs Kupferschmid, St. Gallen (CH)

Matthias Grohn, Potsdam (D)

Peter Zergiebel, Rodewisch (D)

Georg Neinhuis, Kalkar (D)

Christoph Kerschgens, Lobenfeld (D)

Simon Schmider, Offenburg (Pianohaus Labianca D)

Toni Goldener, Luzern (CH)

Paul Hansen, Toronto (CA)

...and many others (ask to get included).

Exclusively featuring StopperStimmung (1988), Equal temperament on pure twelfths (The interval that spans an octave and a fifth). The new standard in todays piano concert world within only 30 years after its introduction.

OnlyPure is processing piano nonlinearity (stiffness, damping) automatically without the need for pre-calculating stretch curves, which makes it the most simple to use tuning app available for piano tuning. OnlyPure provides outstanding unisons, which is usually not possible with machine tuning. Tuning different pianos together, formerly a difficult task, simply succeeds with OnlyPure.


- Select the desired pitch using the buttons on the upper left side.

OnlyPure indicates effective pitch, reading A4 pitch of a piano slightly higher (about 0,5-0,7 Hz depending on the strings nonlinearity) than the pitch of the first partial. To tune orchestra and piano together, it is recommended to select nominal A4 of oboist or violinist to the effective (displayed) pitch of the piano.

- Select microphone sensitivity by switching from pitch select mode to microphone gain mode. Adjust gains, to make sure that the volume bar remains green for the loudest tone.

- Start tuning string by string. Use manual mode in a noisy environment, selecting the notes with the lower buttons for octave up/down, and note up/down. Use chromatic mode in a quiet environment.

Manufacturers/Piano shops: Volume licenses available in the business App Store.

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