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Tuner for Voice VoiTUNER for Android

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Key Details of Tuner for Voice VoiTUNER

  • VoiTUNER is a tuner for voice.
  • Last updated on March 21, 2019
  • There have been 2 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

VoiTUNER is a tuner for voice.

"VoiTUNER" is a tuner for voice. Using "VoiTUNER", you can confirm the pitch of your voice on the spot, and you can utter the voice of the correct pitch immediately. To sing a capella, to exercise KARAOKE, and to vocalist of a band! There is also "EAR QUIZ" on relative pitch. It have 3 level quizzes.You can improve the pitch ability while enjoying.

The main features of the voice tuner

Analysis and display the pitch in real time

Voice input from the microphone is analyzed immediately, it will be displayed in the "pitch graph". The analysis range is approximately 4 octaves of F1 - E5. Since the pitch of the input voice is graph displayed on the pitch graph, you can check the fluid transition of the pitch. For example, by recognizing the voice of the blur of a long tone, you will be able to train a stable pitch voice.

While listening to the guide sound, utter the target of pitch

By listening to the sound guide, it is possible to check the pitch of the target. If you touch the keyboard of the screen, at the same time the guide sound of its height sounds, the pitch will be displayed in red line to pitch graph. Listen to the guide sound, as your voice line overlaps with the red line of the pitch graph, you uttered the voice.

Recording the pitch for 60 seconds

"VoiTUNER" record the pitch of the input voice for 60 seconds. When you turn off the "ON / OFF" button, flow of pitch graph stops. Then you drag in the graph, so you can check the data of the past 60 seconds.

Pitch meter

"Pitch meter" below the graph displays the pitch difference between the guide sound and voice guidance. When the pitch difference is approximately equal to 0, the meter will indicate the center. When the pitch is shifted more than a semitone, meter indicates the red zone at each end. Please control a height of your voice as the meter to indicate the middle.

Other Usage

You can also be used to tone practice, such as Chinese.

You can play any time using the keyboard in the app. There are two types of keyboard of Ring-type and Line-type.

The main features of the "Ear Quiz"

Quiz about the relative pitch

The quiz is designed to select the sound of the same pitch or the higher pitch by comparison hearing the two or more sounds. The relative pitch ability is said to improve anyone by training regardless of age.

Three phases of levels of the quiz

There are three levels, from rudimentary level to divide listen to the height of the sound, to a high difficulty level that separates listening to a slight difference in frequency. Quiz is made up of 10 questions each, 10 points will be added to the score if you answer correctly. However, if you listen to repeat the problem by Repeat button, it will be deducted from the addition points. Let's aim to 100 points!

Quiz questions example

Select the sound of the same height as the first sound.

Select the higher sound to hear the two sounds.

Select one octave different height of the sound compared to the first sound.

Select the 3 degrees different height of the sound compared to the first sound (for example "C" and "E")

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