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Swift Chess: Endgame Puzzles for Android

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  • If you're a chess-aholic, or simply love brain-teasers and puzzles, Swift Chess: Endgame Puzzles is a new mobile application that is packed full...
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If you're a chess-aholic, or simply love brain-teasers and puzzles, Swift Chess: Endgame Puzzles is a new mobile application that is packed full...

If you're a chess-aholic, or simply love brain-teasers and puzzles, Swift Chess: Endgame Puzzles is a new mobile application that is packed full of 5-minute mini chess challenges for all abilities. Unlike your average chess game our app offers neat little endgame puzzles that don't require the slog of playing through a whole game. We believe you'll find this app seriously addictive, whatever your chess ability and interest is, read on to see how!


- Over 17,000 chess puzzles and counting

- Play at your level from beginner through to grandmaster

- Never played? Learn everything needed in the 10 module course

- Complete the challenges and see how high a level you can reach

- Find the exact scenario you want by using the browser and filters

- Build your endgame skills in training, coaching and real-world modes

- Create multiple users on one device

- No ads or in-app purchases

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Love logic puzzles and anything that gets your brain going?

To satisfy your puzzle thirst go to the Checkmate Challenge section. You'll get served brain-teaser after brain-teaser of varying endgame positions. The aim is to win challenges by checkmating your opponent in the minimum possible number of moves to mate. The more you get right the harder the challenges become, and likewise if you're struggling they'll get easier. This means you'll get games at the right difficulty for you as your ability improves.

Aside from just solving the puzzles you have the additional task of breaking your personal records. See how high you can get your difficulty level and how long you can get your winning streak!

If you're failing on certain challenges, perhaps only when you have certain pieces, check out the Game Browser app section to get practice on the puzzle variants you're after.

Beginner or inexperienced player?

If you're new to chess, or just a bit rusty, don't worry. We have a course that will guide you on a steady learning-curve from the most basic of positions and up through the various piece setups you'll come across in endgames. Remember to let your family complete the course independently on a shared device by creating multiple users.

Make a mistake and you can keep having another go. If you get stuck you can highlight the moves you should be playing. After practicing similar positions over a few times the logic of how to solve them will suddenly start to click. If you make a move that lets your opponent take the upper-hand you'll get the option to play on to see why they get the advantage. Once you've understood you can return back to the game before your mistake and have another go.

Club player?

If you're a regular chess player you should still get a kick out of solving the conundrums in the Checkmate Challenge section, so make sure to check it out. However, if you're looking to really improve your endgame head over to the Game Browser. Here you'll find all the tools you'll need to tailor the app to meet your needs. Select the piece setup you want using the filter, or leave it empty to get a variety of different games. Set the difficulty to your level, or challenge yourself by going higher.

Choose from 3 playing modes: Training - Make a mistake and you can try again, or highlight the best moves. Coach - Get feedback on how well you're doing as you play through a game. Real - Play as though in a real game, without any help.

Don't forget to favourite games so you can find them again. Do this by tapping the heart in the top left while playing. Challenge friends and colleagues to a particular endgame by giving them the game number. They can then enter this into the filter to find it.

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