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  • Big 2 is a popular poker game, with rules easy to learn.
  • Last updated on February 21, 2024
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Big 2 is a popular poker game, with rules easy to learn.
Big 2 is a popular poker game, with rules easy to learn. It is very dynamic and exciting intense. Each player plays for himself, but it need to cooperate with each other as much as possible to achieve the greatest benefit. The relationship between the enemy an ourselves is rapidly changing. The one who gets diamond 3 plays first, and the card he or she plays should include diamond 3. The active player can bing out any cards he or she wants, but the one who follows should only bring out cards which are larger than the active player`s. It`s your turn but you don`t want to bring out any cards or you have no cards to play with, choose pass for next player. The player who freed cards first and foremost is the winner of this game. The cards are displayed in such sequential orders: 2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3, Spade>Heart>Diamond>Club. When number of the cards equal, we compare with suits. Types of cards in the game: (1) Single: a single card; (2) Pair: two cards with the same number; (3) Three: three cards with the same number; (4) Straight: five sequential cards; (5) Straight flush: five sequential cards with same suit; (6) Five same suits: but not straight flush, example heart '278JK'; (7) Three with a pair: for example 99955; (8) Four with a single: for example 4444K. (9) Dragon: thirteen sequential cards, A2345678910JQK. Rules: (1) Only the type with the same number of sheets can be compared, for example: 99>88, J>6, but can not be compared with 99 and K. (2) Single card: compare with number first, When numbers of the cards equal, compare with suits. Pair and Three are similar with single. (3) Other types compare with the largest card: three with a pair, compare with each other by the three cards. Four with a single, compare the four. Five same suits compare with the largest single card in the five. A straight compare with the final card, A2345 < 23456 < 34567

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