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SQLyog-MySQL GUI Tool for Windows 10

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  • This is a community version of SQLyog - MySQL GUI Tool.
  • Last updated on February 29, 2024
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Developer's Description

This is a community version of SQLyog - MySQL GUI Tool.
This is a community version of SQLyog - MySQL GUI Tool. SQLyog helps developers and database administrators (DBAs) to create and manage MySQL databases with ease. SQLyog is the most complete & easy MySQL GUI tool that helps save time & increase productivity through numerous powerful features such as autocomplete, query building, query profiler, Visual Schema designer and much more. How developers & DBAs benefit Making databases from scratch or refining existing databases can be a tedious task. SQLyog MySQL GUI tool simplifies the entire process for a developer or DBA, thus saving time in the effective management of MySQL databases. Creating tables and build relationships between the tables in a database gets as simple as a drag-n-drop. Developers can enable the drag-n-drop feature using the Visual Schema designer and determine the optimal column types, redundant indexes which will fit more data into memory thereby improving response time. SQLyog is the perfect MySQL GUI tool for developers that helps them connect to their local as well as remote MySQL servers via direct, SSH tunnel, HTTP tunnel. The autocomplete feature helps save time in typing the queries without having to type the entire query. The drag-n-drop feature can also be used to build the queries from scratch with just a few clicks using the Query Builder. This provides the flexibility for the developer to copy the generated queries to the clipboard, or to a new query tab and execute the individual queries or all the queries in the tab on click of a button. The user can also stop the query execution if the execution takes long and identify the problem SQL and find the execution time with the Query Profiler. Makes it simple to manage MySQL databases Just like how a Search Engine works, SQLyog MySQL GUI tool helps developers search data across large databases with tables having numerous columns without worrying about the underlying schema. It is simple and fast to schedule backup of the data as a precautionary measure in case of a server breakdown at regular intervals and easily restores any previous sessions along with all queries and history tab. Using Form view you can enter the data more quickly with tables having lots of columns. Data can be searched across all databases without worrying about the underlying schema just like Search Engine works. The differences in the data can be compared and any differences can be saved as a SQL script and can be synced immediately or by scheduling the sync process using our super fast checksum based algorithm. One stop solution for managing MySQL databases Session Restore A system crash or accidentally closing your MySQL client would make you lose all your open tabs and queries. SQLyog is a powerful MySQL database manager that restores your previous session the way you left it. Visually compare data and sync differences Do you find copying data from development to production databases nerve-wracking? Not anymore. In a click, spot the differences between two tables and sync. SSH and HTTP Tunneling Direct access to MySQL blocked? Forced to use clunky phpMyAdmin? No problem. We have got you covered. Wizard driven compressed backups with scheduling Find the plethora of options in mysqldump daunting? Probably you are not backing up enough because you don't have single click interface for backup like that in SQLyog MySQL GUI tool. Autocomplete and SQL formatting Save hours of typing. Write queries 10x faster. Inherited spaghetti SQL? Make it neat with a click. Improve readability and maintenance of SQL. Visual Query Builder Build complex queries using drag-n-drop interface. Visually create SQL statements without the need to remember column names. Query Profiler Identify problem SQL. Fine-tune SQL. Create the right indexes. Find out the exact time spent in each step of query execution. Make more responsive apps. Data Search The easiest way to search across all databases without worrying about the underlying schema. It is like using a Search Engine. No need to type complex queries. Form View and FK lookups Great for fast data entry and looking at tables having lots of columns. When a FK is detected, the master table rows are available as a drop-down. Schema Optimizer and Index Analyzer Determine the optimal column types. Fit more data into memory thereby improving response times. Eliminate Redundant Indexes by improving INSERTs and UPDATEs Visual Schema Designer Create schema visually. Define relationships using simple drag-n-drop interface. Share the design with the team. Schema and Data Sync Visually apply schema changes when moving from test to production. Replicate data periodically to a different server at scheduled intervals using our super fast checksum based algorithm.

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