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  • The spirituality of a person is defined as the special feelings associated with the spirit of a person, which are much different from the...
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The spirituality of a person is defined as the special feelings associated with the spirit of a person, which are much different from the...

The spirituality of a person is defined as the special feelings associated with the spirit of a person, which are much different from the materialistic desires in this world. But not every person is aware of his own spirituality and the sudden enlightenment of a person to this spiritual existence is termed as the spiritual awakening. This awareness changes the total personality of that person and it can happen anytime, to anyone who really thinks about God and His creations, his own relation to the universe and such high thoughts. This awakening is a strange feeling that can be neither totally defined by mere words, nor can it be realized by the common people.

Unmistakable traits of sudden spiritual awakening in a person

A new feeling - When a person attains spiritual enlightenment, he starts feeling very different from what he felt all his life. He may feel himself to be a completely new man who is unknown to himself. This deeply embedded feeling may fill the heart with immense joy, the reason of which seems to be unknown.

Receives new beliefs about life - Everyone has some mental blockage with several beliefs that may be related to the religion or social surroundings. However, the spiritual awakening opens the way to a new world with completely new realizations, which may be just opposite to what he had believed throughout his life.

Ability to spot own negative features - Normally, people cannot detect their own faults very easily. But a spiritually awakened person can easily realize his own mistakes and all the negative aspects of his character, making it easier to rectify them that gradually change his whole personality.

Declination to meet the old pals - When a person attains spiritual enlightenment and realizes oneself, it is more natural for him to avoid the company of people whom he liked before. Either he will seek similar minded people who have got spiritual realization as well, or they may prefer to stay alone. He may even think of changing his usual job to avoid the company of his colleagues, whom he may try to avoid now.

Cannot stand false or artificiality anymore - Nowadays, the untruth and artificiality is a part of life, as most of the people do not tell truth. But a person with spiritual awakening can no more withstand the hypocrisy of the people around him if he knows from a heart that these people or situations are not authentic.

A lesser need for physical pleasure - Usually, everyone yearns for achieving large numbers of materialistic comforts in the world. But as a person is spiritually awakened, he feels all these comforts least essential for him, compared to the spiritual happiness and peace. So his needs for money and other belongings are much reduced at this stage, as spiritual happiness cannot be achieved from the expensive possessions.

Feeling of compassion for all others - The spiritual awakening brings a feeling of love and compassion for all the known and unknown people of the world, as it happened in case of Lord Buddha and many other sages. But normal people do not care about the sorrow of others, except for their near ones. This intense feeling of love and sympathy for the whole world inspires a spiritually awakened person to work for the betterment of the world.

Very few people can attain such awakening of their spirituality that provides them heavenly joy, which is unknown to others.

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- What Is A Spiritual Awaking?

- Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

- When Your Spiritual Awaking No Longer Matters

- Why Do You Want A Spiritual Awaking?

- What Is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening?

- Life After a Spiritual Awakening

- Indications You're Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

- The 10 Stages of Awakening

- Much, much more...

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