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  • If you practice any form of magic, you should be aware of the major things that required.
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If you practice any form of magic, you should be aware of the major things that required.

If you practice any form of magic, you should be aware of the major things that required. We as humans are not the best at remembering offhand everything we do or read. Just as children at school need workbooks to keep track of notes and homework, we occultisms also need notebooks to help keep a record of what work we do, or simply what we are learning.

There are many working magical spell books and the valuable visual record of your learning and past workings or spells.

What is a book of spells? In most people's mind, it is a magician, sorcerer or witches spell book. This is somewhere true, but only in recent history, as it is a much newer concept than one would believe. This type of book really began to become common in the twentieth century as newer types of Paganism began to emerge.

How to choose the spell book?

There are no rules regarding what kind of book should be used for a grimoire, it simply is a matter of personal choice. Ideally, it should be big enough to keep a working ledger of any work done, results obtained and information learned, so you can go with a notebook. Like the ones that cheaply obtained from your nearest stationary stores. They can be easily maintained and once full can be placed on your shelves and any of the subsequent volumes that follow will be of a similar format and size. It is totally up to you however, it is your book in the end, and so if you choose a larger or smaller one, so be it. You are the one who will be using it. There is also the leather cover spell book that you can but to follow the old tradition.

From where to buy:

If you are looking for a spell book, you will get lots of places to buy one according to your choice and preference. Regardless of genre, you can find the spell books virtually anywhere- local bookstores, garage sales, friends doing spring cleaning, or you can buy books online.

Buy it online

If you are an internet user, then what should be the best place for you to buy a spell book than your favorite e-commerce sites? There are many websites that offer books at a reasonable price and sometimes with attractive offers.

You probably know already that the genres of books out there can be quite a few. You should start your journey by looking at the most like type of spellbook.

Excluding the chance of the internet exploding, it is possible to locate a complete list of magnificent books of which you can practice your magic skills.


This is another great option to get such kind of books. You should visit some popular bookstores or can ask someone who is interested in such genres for the advice for the store from where you can get the right spell book according to your choice.

Here is a Preview of What You'll Learn:

- What is a Magic Spell?

- Mistakes to Avoid?

- How To Cast A Spell?

- Youth Spell

- Abundance Moon Spell

- Job Seeking Spell

- Spell for Luck in Business

- Spell to Attract a New Friend

- Much, Much More Spells...

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