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Shri Krishna Serial Episodes Hindi for Android

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Key Details of Shri Krishna Serial Episodes Hindi

  • This app contains various episodes of Shri Krishna Leela divided into two parts as Bal Krishan Leela and Young Krishan Leela.
  • Last updated on 5/17/2020
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Developer's Description

This app contains various episodes of Shri Krishna Leela divided into two parts as Bal Krishan Leela and Young Krishan Leela.

This app contains various episodes of Shri Krishna Leela divided into two parts as Bal Krishan Leela and Young Krishan Leela.

There are various stories of krishan life which people can easily watch by this app -

1. Shri Krishna Born

2. Goddess Mahamaya Warn Kans

3. Celebration for Krishna Birth

4. Devki Vasudev Got Free From Jail

5. Kans Army Attacked on Gokul & Mathura Villagers

6. Nand Baba Met Kans First Time

7. Pootna Vadh By Baal Krishna

8. Kansa Sends Sridhar Brahmana to kill Krishna

9. Sridhar brahmana try to kill Krishna

10. Kagasur (crow demon) killed by Krishna

11. Krishna kills Demon Utkach

12. Preparations for Krishna and Balarama naming ceremony

13. Krishna naming ceremony

14. Sage Garga reveals the truth about his sons Krishna and Balarama to Vasudeva

15. Kans Accuses Vasudeva of Falsehood

16. Kans Imprisons Again Vasudeva and Devaki

17. Kans Meets Sage Garga

18. Trinavarta Vadh

19. Lord Shiva Descends to Gokul to see Baby Krishna

20. Yashoda is Afraid and wants to protect Baby Krishna

21. Lord Shiva Meets Baby Krishna

22. Krishna and Makhan Lila

23. Krishna eats mud on the bank of Yamuna

24. Yashoda sees the cosmic form in Krishna mouth

25. Yashoda ties Krishna to the mortar

26. Nalakuvara and Manigriva liberation

27. Krishna the enchanter of Vrindavan

28. Krishna's love exchanges with Gokul Gopiya

29. Krishna plays with friends

30. Krishna and friends break butter pots

31. Yashoda is angry with Krishna and punishes Him

32. Krishna plays the flute

33. Young Krishna meets Radha

34. Devas glorify Radha and Krishna children form

35. Krishna and the fruit seller

36. Krishna and friends steal gopis clothes

37. Krishna and friends graze cows

38. Krishna kills Bakasur

39. Krishna liberates Aghasur

40. Krishna fights Kaliya nag

41. Krishna dance on Kaliya heads

42. Balarama Sheshanaga protects Vasudeva and Devaki

43. The weight of Radha Love

44. Krishna introduces Govardhana worship

45. Govardhana appears and accepts offers

46. Indra wrath on Vrindavan inhabitants

47. Krishna lifts Govardhana Hill

48. Krishna defeats Indra

49. Indra prays to Krishna

50. Sage Narada asks kansa to surrender to Krishna

51. Plans for Krishna and Balarama education

52. Nanda Yashoda, Krishna Child's wonderful Leela

53. Radha and Krishna on Yamuna banks

54. Holi festival in Vrindavan

55. Krishna becomes Radha (wears Radha's clothes)

56. Radha tests Krishna's love

57. The blind poet

58. Radha and Gopis worship Goddess Gauri

59. Krishna rasa leela

60. Plans for God Shiva's bow worship

61. Kansa and Akrura discussion about Krishna

62. Akrura's invitation for Mathura festival

63. Akrura reveals Krishna identity to Nanda and Yashoda

64. Akrura's plans to save Krishna and Balarama

65. Krishna and Balarama go to Mathura together

66. Krishna and Yashoda discussion

67. Krishna and Radha meeting before leaving

68. Krishna's departure from Gokul

69. Gopiya stop Krishna's chariot

70. Last greeting of Radha

71. Akrura's strategy and worries

72. Krishna's mercy for Akrura

73. Kan's strategies to Kill Krishna in Mathura

74. Krishna arrives in Mathura

75. Krishna breaks God Shiva's bow

76. Sage Satyak asks Kansa to surrender to Krishna

77. Sage Garga bows to Shri Krishna

78. Krishna vs Elephant Kuvalayapida

79. Kans Vadh etc.........

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