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Private Pad APK for Android

Key Details of Private Pad

  • Save your files encrypted, and encrypt other files.
  • Last updated on 3/22/2020
  • There have been 6 updates

Developer's Description

Save your files encrypted, and encrypt other files.
Did you know that it can be a lot easier for malware to end up on your mobile phone or tablet than on your computer? Access to mobile phones and computers can be password protected, but what if someone reveals the password, or manages to remove it? In such a horrible scenario, all text or images you keep on your device are visible to anyone. Private Pad is an application designed to help you keep your privacy, keep your login data, your pictures and your files for your eyes only. Private Pad makes your private data, texts, or photos visible only to those who know the password. So, even if somebody malicious accesses your device, they won't be able to access your files without the correct password needed for decrypting your files. All the text you type, all documents, all photos taken or any file processed by program Private Pad are encrypted with powerful encrypting algorithms against which there are no successful attacks. This guarantee that your data will remain only yours.

Every text you write, every photo you take using Private Pad will be encrypted, so nobody can see them without the password. For someone who doesn't have a password to access the files, they are just a bunch of junk. Also, you can encrypt any document in Private Pad, such as a video clip, making it impossible for anyone who does not have a password to view it. Only those to whom you provide a password can access the documents protected by this program. Using Private Pad will protect your texts, photos or videos from potential intruders, or against malicious viruses that can send your files to unknown people, as your documents will only be visible to the one you give your password to.

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