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  • Download speed test - what speed are data from the testing server downloaded...
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Download speed test - what speed are data from the testing server downloaded...

Download speed test - what speed are data from the testing server downloaded

Upload - what speed are data to the testing server uploaded

Ping - the time needed to send and receive a small amount of data

The results of the test show you a series of key values that allow you to evaluate your connection and decide, for example, on choosing a different rate or another provider. The main values include:


Downloading shows the download speed of the data to your device in Mbit/sec. The higher value is better because the faster the download, the less time you wait to load a web page or, for example, download an email attachment. The Internet connection at home is usually asymmetrical. This means that the data transfer speed to the user is higher than the upload speed.


The above mentioned upload speed is another basic value the results of the test reveal. The upload once again shows in Mbit/sec., how fast you can upload data to the Internet with your connection. The higher number is better like in the case of download. A quick upload is important, for example, for backup in the cloud or streaming. The higher the value, the faster you can upload data from your device to the Internet.


The results include jitter. Jitter expresses the fluctuations of the ping value in milliseconds and, therefore, the stability of the connection. The result should be as low as possible. The higher the jitter value displayed in the test, the worse your Internet connection stability is.


The triple of the major parameters closes the response (ping) in milliseconds. On the contrary, the lower the better. Its value is especially important for online game players who need a quick response from the server when playing, so they do not delay their action in a game. A relatively fast ping can be considered if it is less than 40 ms and very good results is everything within the range 0 to 10 ms.


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