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Multisport Scoreboard Pro for Windows

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Key Details of Multisport Scoreboard Pro

  • Turn any computer into a professional scoreboard
  • Last updated on 12/26/23
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Developer's Description

Turn any computer into a professional scoreboard.
Transform your TV + computer into a multisport scoreboard. Multisport Scoreboard Pro v3 is an easy to use, cost effective, and professional scoreboard that will get your players and spectators engaged in the game. Combine our multisport scoreboard software with your computer and projector/display for a complete scorekeeping solution. PC Scoreboards are more versatile and less expensive to maintain than physical scoreboards. Our solution allows you to use different scoreboards for sport-specific functionality while reusing the same display. Multisport Scoreboard Pro v3 works great for futsal, basketball, soccer, and other sports that require basic scoring. Download and try a free copy of Multisport Scoreboard Pro v3 today.

Features: Customizable - team names, logos, colors; Easy to use - be scoring in minutes; Inexpensive - less expensive to buy and maintain than traditional scoreboards; Sport specific - scoring for each sport and level; Reuse your display/PC - use same display and PC for multiple sports; Free to try - download your full copy now. Includes: Game clock, Timeouts, Scores, Fouls, Team names, Team logos, Period/half, Possession, Additional pictures, Event/venue title or picture, Video player.

Control Screen: The Control Screen is an intuitive operator console for controlling the scoreboard. It includes 1-touch buttons for quick, easy, and error-free control of the scoreboard. This screen is a separate window that is only visible to the scoreboard operator, so spectators do not see mouse or keyboard input.

Video Player: Play your own videos on the scoreboard during breaks in the game! Video player is an optional feature that allows you to play your own videos on demand on the scoreboard. Use this feature to display your sponsor advertisements, wrestler intros, intermission clips.

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