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Developer's Description

Beautiful Offline holy Quran recitation by sheikh maher al-muaiqly mp3 offline.

Quran Offline.

maher al muaiqly full quran mp3 offline with Dua. This is a totally FREE App so you can listen to Complete Offline Holy Quran by maher al muaiqly kuran. sheikh maher al muaiqly full quran offline app works perfectly offline and no need for any internet access.

In quran maher al-muaiqly gratuit application you can also listen to maher al muaiqly surah baqarah.

Features of maher al muaiqly audio free download application, coran maher al muaiqly:

1-Complete Quran offline , maher al muaiqly full quran mp3 no internet.

2- No need for wifi or mobile data Connection.

3-You can listen to shaikh maher al muaiqly coran Full while in background and use your phone.

4-With maher al muaiqly offline app, you can Enable repeating every surah.

5-Enable repeating whole Mushaf maher al muaiqly quran mp3.

6-With al quran sheikh maher app, Ability to Shuffle Suras.

7-Complete Hloy Quran maher al muaiqly musshaf, 114 Sorat coran.

8-Saving current ayah to start next time ( start reading automatically from last position).

9-Sharing quran sheikh maher al muaiqly with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, .

10-maher al muaiqly dua at the end of 114 surat.

A list of included 114 Sura of Kuran, all surah in quran:

surah fatiha (The Opening)

Al-Baqarah (suratul baqarah The Cow)

Al-Imran (The Family Of Imran)

an-Nisa' (Women)

Al-Ma'idah (The Food)

Al-An`am (The Cattle)



at-Taubah (Repentance)

Yunus (Jonah)

Hud (Hud)

Yusuf (Joseph)

ar-Ra`d (The Thunder)

surah ibrahim (Abraham)

Al-Hijr (The Rock)

an-Nahl (The Bee)

Al-Isra (The Night Journey)

surah al kahf audio (The Cave, sorat alkahf gratuit)

Maryam (Mary)

surah taha (Ta Ha)


Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage)


an-Nur (The Light)

Al-Furqan (The Criterion)

ash-Shu`ara' (The Poets)

an-Naml (The Ant)

Al-Qasas (The Narrative)

Al-`Ankabut (The Spider)

ar-Rum (The Romans)

Lukman(surah luqman)

surah sajdah

Al-Ahzab (The Allies)

Saba' (Sheba)

Fatir (The Creator)

Ya Sin (surat yasin)

as-Saffat (The Rangers)

Sad (Sad)




ash-Shura (The Counsel)


surah dukhan

Al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling)

Al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills)

Muhammad (Muhammad)

Al-Fath (The Victory)

Al-Hujurat (The Chambers)

surah qaf(Qaf)

surah zariyat (The Scatterers)

at-Tur (The Mountain)

an-Najm (The Star)

Al-Qamar (The Moon)

surah al rahman offline (The Merciful)

surah waqiah (That Which is Coming)

Al-Hadid (The Iron)

Al-Mujadilah (She Who Pleaded)

surah hashr (The Exile)

Al-Mumtahanah (She Who is Tested)

as-Saff (The Ranks)

surah jumma

Al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)

at-Taghabun (The Cheating)

at-Talaq, (The Divorce)

at-Tahrim (The Prohibition)

surah al mulk (The Kingdom)

surah qalam (The Pen)

Al-Haqqah (The Inevitable)

Al-Ma`arij (The Ladders)

Nuh (Noah)

surah jinn (The Jinn)



Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)

Al-Insane (The Man)

Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries)

an-Naba' (The Tidings)

surah naziat (Those Who Pull Out)

`Abasa (He Frowned)

at-Takwir (The Cessation)

Al-Infitar (Cleaving Asunder)

Al-Mutaffifeen (The Defrauders)

Al-Inshiqaq (The Rending)

Al-Buruj (the Constellations)

at-Tariq (The Night-Comer)

Al-A`la (The Most High)


Al-Fajr (The Dawn)

surah al balad (The City)

ash-Shams (The Sun)

Al-Layl (The Night)

ad-Duha (The Early Hours)

ash-Sharh (The Expansion)

at-Tin (The Fig)

Al-`Alaq (The Clot)

Al-qadr (The Majesty)

Al-Bayyinah (The Proof)

Az-Zalzala (The Shaking)

Al-`Adiyat (The Assaulters)

Al-Qari`ah (The Terrible Calamity)

at-Takathur (Worldly Gain)

Al-`Asr (Time)

Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)

Al-Fil (The Elephant)

Quraish (The Quraish)


Al-Kauthar (Abundance)

Al-Kafirun (The Unbelievers)



surah ikhlas



And finally thanks for you all and hope to enjoy our apps.

Full Specifications

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Release October 12, 2020
Date Added October 12, 2020
Version 1.12.12

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Operating Systems Android
Additional Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up


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