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jPDFEditor Java PDF Editor Swing API for Mac

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Key Details of jPDFEditor Java PDF Editor Swing API

  • Display, markup, and edit PDF documents in your Java application.
  • Last updated on 5/7/2021
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Developer's Description

Display, markup, and edit PDF documents in your Java application.
jPDFEditor is intended for developers and integrators. For end-users, Qoppa Software offers PDF Studio, our advanced desktop PDF editor for Mac, Windows and Linux based on our same solid PDF technology.Display PDF documents and allow your users to review and edit PDF documents with jPDFEditor. jPDFEditor can load documents from files on a local or network drive, from a URL and from Java input streams for documents that are generated runtime or come from other sources, such as a database. After editing documents, the library can save them to a local file or the host application can override the save function to save the file to any location locally or to a web server. jPDFEditor supports all the annotating and form filling features found in jPDFNotes, plus more powerful editing features: Content Editing: the content editing tool allows users to modify content in PDF documents:Copy, delete, edit, move textCopy, delete, move, resize imagesCopy, delete, edit, move, resize shapes and pathsWork with single or multiple text, image, or path objectsRedaction: the redaction feature lets users permanently remove sensitive information from PDF documents:Add redaction annotations to cover an area on a page. The area can contain any PDF objects such as text, image, or shape objects.“Burn” the redaction annotations to remove the underlying content that intersects with the area redacted.Access to jPDFProcess API: jPDFEditor comes packaged with Qoppa’s jPDFProcess library, providing access to a rich API to further manipulate PDF documents.

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