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  • Imagine preparing for the toughest exam in the country by playing games.
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Imagine preparing for the toughest exam in the country by playing games.

Imagine preparing for the toughest exam in the country by playing games.

Have you ever considered your mobile phone to be your study partner?

Instead of fearing the exams, imagine finding the fun in your study process, along with that unwavering focus every student dreams about.

Imagine finding lots of exclusive, quality learning content from the syllabus and also current affairs, practically free of cost.

Learning has become a complicated term these days. people generally assume that learning for an exam especially for an exam like IAS is a tough task that needs some amount of IQ, memory, special skills, a study timetable, a set of study material. The result - you start out aiming to develop your personality to become a mature and an able administrator, but you end up in a toxic environment centred around the fear for exam and its outcome.

Games incite excitement and curiosity, but theres more to it than that. Games have a learning curve. As a player goes up the levels, an expertise builds and the game gets more challenging.

Similarly, on IAS Ally, the entire syllabus is in a game-like structure. When aspirants log in and repeatedly play to win, they slowly master the concepts as they go up in levels. Be it a newcomer to the preparation or a seasoned aspirant, find a level playing field here and engage in a healthy competition. Along with excelling against your peers, you actually end up excelling individually.

We have modelled the entire preparation cycle by emphasising on three fundamental aspects of learning - FOCUS, PRACTICE & CONSISTENCY.


when you study something from the books, it is always a task to focus on it, simply because we are trying to make mental images out of endless plain text. Ally gives you bite sized case studies to read in a limited time frame. It keeps distractions away, and you can train your mind to focus on a concept. The simple questions at the end of these case studies gives you a clearer understanding of the concept and reinforces it in your mind.


One new-found way that most students are doing this is by tackling questions first and finding the answers, and this reverse-engineering method facilitates better understanding of the concept. However, doing this alone for hours and days gets monotonous.At ally you get to challenge a fellow aspirant who might be your friend or a random opponent online. you can play a game equipped with quiz questions and timers, giving you the sense that every second counts and training your mind to think faster under pressure.


Current affairs helps your IAS preparation the same way a daily dosage of vitamins helps your body. Ally motivates you to be consistent in your learning process by giving you new updated games based on current affairs, so that you can play one game per day. And this is not hard to do, as it takes a few minutes of your day and your phone is always with you no matter where you are.

Weekly Ranking

Every week, your performance is ranked on an all-India level, based on the overall performance of an aspirant based on various parameters like number of challenges you have won, the amount of syllabus you have covered, and whether you have stayed up to date on current affairs. Considering everything, Ally gives rankings, and awards those who have excelled in their overall performance.

Answer Writing Practice

Your score in the mains exam depends on your answer writing skills. At IAS Ally, we dont spoon-feed you the answers; we give you the recipe and ingredients for a great answer and let you do the cooking. We encourage you to start writing answers, whether youre a seasoned aspirant or a newbie to the preparation.

Click a picture of your answer, upload it and get feedback from peers and mentors. Learn the skill of writing answers, on the go.

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