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How Many Days - Widget Counter for iOS

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Key Details of How Many Days - Widget Counter

  • Countdown, Events, Dates, Time.
  • Last updated on 5/7/2024
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Developer's Description

Countdown, Events, Dates, Time.

How Many Days - Widget Counter app with thousands of daily happy users worldwide.

Countdown and counter for important days, dates and events. Independence Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Super Bowl Sunday, special events, Paydays, Christmas, Surprise events, Birthday, Steam discounts, Giveaway date and time, Online events, Zoom, Skype or Teams meetings, Holiday, Party, Thanksgiving, Halloween, IMAX and Hollywood Movies.

It shows you the time in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Free version:

- Use Widgets.

- Cloud backup, sync and multiple device support.

- Super easy user experience to store all your events in one place.

- Basic and efficient color and icon customization options.

- Track unlimited event countdown and counter.

- Preview feature shows to you how it looks the event before saving.

- Edit or delete your events.

- Count up or countdown the number of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds to life events

- Counter and Countdown screen layout is designed with colors to track them easy and fast.

PRO Version:

- Ad Free

- If you would love to remove them and never see them again then you may purchase it.

- You may restore the purchase of the PRO version when you need.

- You may return it if you change your mind.


- Countdown to birthday.

- How many days have passed since primary school, high school or university graduation?

- Days since the first date, Engagement, Marriage and many more anniversary.

- How much time left to until dawn of any special life events.

- How many days ago did you meet with your lover?

- Days since last Easter.

- When did you become a mother, father, sibling or a family?

- How many days left to the new year. How much time remains until 2021?

- Days since you quit smoking.

- How many days ago did you start working?

- Days since you became a doctor.

- How many days until Christmas?


- How many days left to Independence Day, Fourth of July, 2020.

- How many days left to Memorial Day.

- Days since Super Bowl Sunday, 2020.

- Countdown to driving license exam?

- Electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, internet, apartment dues etc. How many days are left to pay such bills?

- How many months are left for paydays such as tax, penalty, product guarantee, mortgage, card, debt payment?

- Countdown to your travel plans such as plane, train, bus, ship, ferry?

- You can count the birth dates of your pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish. Track vaccination date too.

- Days since you bought a flower for your wife.

- Days since you bought a gift to your best friend.


- Countdown to Twitch, Mixer, Dlive, Youtube and Instagram broadcasts from the people and publishers you follow?

- Countdown to services like Steam, Epic Games, HumbleBundle for summer and 2020 discounts?

- Follow the matches of the teams you are a fan or player in days and hours.

- Countdown to the ticket sale for sports such as football and basketball or etc.

- Do not miss the dates that can come once in the games such as Closed Beta, Open Beta, Free Weekend.

- Days since your last Penta in MOBA games.


- Track special discount days and time on shopping stores and sites.

- How many months have passed since you went to your dentist?

- Save the medicines you use regularly like a calendar.

- Days since you dye your hair.

- How many days ago did you borrow or lend?

- How many months ago did you start dieting?

- Never miss any paydays again.

- If You bought a new phone, car, computer, home? Do you wonder how many months or years have passed?

- Days since to organize a surprise party to your children.

Thank you for your rates and reviews to our app. We really do appreciate your support and have listened to your feedback.

How Many Days - Widget Counter Team, 2020

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