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  • Hidden devices detector are used to detect the hidden devices around you, by getting the white infrared light through camera.This tool is very...
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Hidden devices detector are used to detect the hidden devices around you, by getting the white infrared light through camera.This tool is very...

Hidden devices detector are used to detect the hidden devices around you, by getting the white infrared light through camera.This tool is very helpful to secure your privacy.

on another side you can also find the radiation rays emitted from electronic devices, these rays are not good for health.

Two main features of this tools:

-- Hidden devices detectors

-- Radiation detectors

EMF Detector: Radiation Detector- Gauss Meter is an app to detect any type of energy ray around you. It helps to detect emf exposure, EMF radiation, Radio frequency, Electromagnetic, Gamma ray, Radioactivity radiations around you. RF detector uses by default magnetometer and emf sensor in your mobile phone to detect EMF radiations and other electromagnetic radiations.

EMF radiations are Invisible to the human eye, electromagnetic fields are dispersed everywhere around us. Gauss meter helps you detect these invisible energy ray and prevent you from emf exposure.

Radiation is the emission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium.


Detect radiations by moving around your phone in the place where you doubt presence of any radioactive radiations. Reading of EMF Meter rf detector has the unit of T (microtesla).

This app helps physicians and students in the physics lab to detect emf exposure & radiations easily.

Remember that enomorous electronic devices around you emit EMF radiations including your Laptops, Television, cordless telephones, Tablets, TV and radio broadcasts, computers, power lines, internet routers. And emf exposure can be dangerous to your health.

Dangers of Electromagnetic radiations:

Three type of radiations exists:

Low level: Low level radiation are not that much dangerous but still preferred to keep tracking these for emf exposure.

Medium Level: Medium level radiations causes sickness, headaches, vomiting and fever.

High Level: High levels can ultimately cause death. It's difficult to treat high radiation exposure.

Energy Rays are further categorized as:

Non-ionizing Radiation : Low-level radiation which is generally perceived as harmless to humans.

Examples are

microwave ovens


house energy meters

wireless (Wi-Fi) routers


emf exposure

Bluetooth devices

power lines


Ionizing Radiation : High-level radiation having ability to damage your DNA and heart damage.

ultraviolet light


gamma ray

Energy Ray

Two Method to Detect Radiation Detector - EMF Detector- Magnetic Field Detector

Analog Meter: Detecting electromagnetic radiations, EMF radiations in an analogue meter. Providing you analytics of analogue results of detected radiations and emf exposure.

Digital Meter: Providing you the results of emf radiations of gamma ray on a digital meter. Accurate results of the meter reading help you detect accurately.


Hidden devices detectors

EMF Detector: RF & Radiation Detector- Gauss Meter has following prominent features:

Radiation Meter

Emf Meter

Gauss Meter

Magnetic Field

Analogue Meter

Digital Meter

Mobile phones emit gamma ray, electromagnetic frequencies though they communicate through radio frequency. Communication is necessary and mobile phone has become the backbone of our new generations. So we are all surrounded by such dangerous rays and emf exposure. Now, some apps use rf detector, magnetometers that are in phones to aid with EMF detection.

EMF Detector: RF & Radiation Detector- Gauss Meter -having different unique features which attract many users to search these harmful radiations but some of them which is possible to detect these rays are Radiation Detector, Electromagnetic Detector, rf detector, EMF Detector, RF Detector, Metal Detector, Metal Detector, Radiation protection, Gamma ray Detector.

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