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Key Details of Genius Jamtracks

  • Practise your favourite Jazz songs with this interactive and unpredictable Play-along.
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Developer's Description

Practise your favourite Jazz songs with this interactive and unpredictable Play-along.

Practise your favourite Jazz songs with this interactive and unpredictable Play-along. Genius Jamtracks opens the door to the world of the polyrhythmic jazz vocabulary established by the great jazz improvisers.

Genius Jamtracks contains exercises built on common chord progressions varying from 4bars to longer forms as well as songs from the traditional and modern Jazz repertoire categorised by song form.

Download tracks for free directly to your device for offline use!

App features:

- View chord charts and the selected polyrhythms map (for all instruments and sections of the song) at the same time

- Transpose any track to any key

- Instrument transposition for wind instruments

- Adjust the tempo to fit your practice needs

- Mix to your liking or mute any of the instruments

- Add as many choruses as you want to the song and treat each one individually

- Treat each section of the song separately: e.g., if the song form is AABA you can choose different events for each of the 4 sections

- Edit each instrument in a section by clicking on it. For instance, you can have the bass play quarter note triplets while the drums play in double time and the piano 4 over 3

- Randomise your selections either for one section or the whole arrangement and work on your interaction skills

- Save as many versions of the tracks as you want to your library for easy access

- Share your saved tracks as well as tips to help others with their practice on the Genius Jamtracks forums

- Download tracks from the forums and get great tips to help you up your polyrhythmic game

- Follow through the changes in polyrhythms using the map showing under the chord chart

- Turn the metronome on/off, from the quick access button, when in need of a checkpoint

Polyrhythms, long part of the jazz vocabulary, were consolidated and brought to a whole new level in the early 60s by the masters of that era and are a core element of contemporary jazz improvisation and composition. Genius Jamtracks offers an easy way to get you from basic 4bar chord progressions to the most advanced of Jazz songs.

Familiarise yourself with the polyrhythm you wish to practise by setting the drums, bass and piano up to play the same rhythmic sequence. Assign each of the three to different rhythmic patterns varying from 3 over 4, 2 over 3, 4 over 3 etc. for a more adventurous session over each section of a song.

- Expand your polyrhythmic jazz vocabulary

- Improve your time feel

- Build up your confidence in polyrhythms and master using them over chord progressions

- Feel free to take risks and learn to keep the form while doing it

- Improve your interaction skills and make your drummer happy by learning to speak his language

- Expand your melodic and rhythmic ideas and experiment using them in different context

- Solo over the changes or work on your comping while the rhythmic landscape changes following the song form

- Use polyrhythms like the great Jazz improvisers for a mind-blowing solo build up

Download and enjoy!

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