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  • Catch the deadliest fish in the ocean and use them in combat for glory and honor
  • Last updated on November 6, 2016
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Developer's Description

Catch the deadliest fish in the ocean and use them in combat for glory and honor
Wanna give us feedback? Email us at info@mofingames.comFish Fights Features:-Catch up to 21 different fish species ranging from the peaceful Cod to the feared Dragonfish!-Use your fish in combat and win glorious prizes for each victory!-Upgrade your fishing rod up to 27 times in order to catch stronger and stronger fish!-Upgrade your boat up to 5 times in order to store more and more fish in your boat!-Catch fish from endless debths!-Sell excessive fish to fund your new rod/boat upgrade!-Unbeatable fishing gameplay!-Action-packed fish combats!-Unlock exciting fish debth/size achievements!-100% Free To Play!Short Description:Fish Fights is a unique game where you start off as a poor fisherman with a cheap fishing rod and a cheap boat. As you catch more and more fish, you will be able to either sell the fish to the local fish buyer, or enter fish fights where you battle against other fish. Keep in mind that if you choose to sell your fish you won't get as much money as if you win battling against other fish. If you keep winning these battles, you will earn more and more money, and occasionally you will get bonuses in forms of upgrading your fishing rod, upgrading your boat, or extra cash bonuses. You are also able to upgrade your fishing rod or your boat at the local rod or boat dealers if you can afford it. As you get better and better rods and boats you're able to catch fish from greater debths, and also store more and more fish in your boat.Fish species included in current version (21 in total):1. Cod2. Salmon3. Ladyfish4. Butterfish5. Bee-fish6. Chipfish7. Pigfish8. Turtlefish9. Chickenfish10. Cowfish11. Zebrafish12. Girafish13. Spiderfish14. Foxfish15. Polarfish16. Zombiefish17. Bearfish18. Tigerfish19. Demonfish20. Angelfish21. DragonfishFish species that will be available in future versions (150 in total):22. Jellyfish23. Sunfish24. Goldfish25. Starfish26. Catfish27. Rocketfish28. Stonefish29. Badfish30. Silverfish31. Frogfish32. Devilfish33. Dogfish34. Squirrelfish35. Firefish36. Weakfish37. Rainbowfish38. Redfish39. Rabbitfish40. Jackfish41. Sandfish42. Profish43. Snakefish44. Playfish45. Warfish46. Baitfish47. Beardfish48. Gayfish49. Skyfish50. Coolfish51. Finfish52. Whitefish53. Yellowfish54. Smartfish55. Queenfish56. Moonfish57. Inkfish58 Dwarfish59. Kingfish60. Groundfish61. Manfish62. Rockfish63. Horsefish64. Papafish65. Slowfish66. Soldierfish67. Blackfish68. Threefish69. Coldfish70. Buttfish71. Duckfish72. Razorfish73. Rayfish74. Birdfish75. Twofish76. Godfish77. Funfish78. Happyfish79. Wallfish80. Megafish81. Crazyfish82. Flappyfish83. Ogrefish84. Lolfish85. Smilefish86. Jobfish87. Uglyfish88. Sadfish89. Gunfish90. Wealthyfish91. Longfish92. Elephantfish93. Kidfish94. Lofish95. Rainfish96. Slimefish97. Fortunefish98. Sofish99. Purplefish100. Deathfish101. Poorfish102. Nightfish103. Spacefish104. Pimpfish105. Nailfish106. Poundfish107. Beerfish108. Weatherfish109. Millionfish110. Hotfish111. Topfish112. Assfish113. Grassfish114. Paperfish115. Moosefish116. Wormfish117. Trickfish118. Bottomfish119. Fivefish120. Spikefish121. Jesusfish122. Fingerfish123. Angryfish124. Deerfish125. Pandafish126. Lowfish127. Mousefish128. Brofish129. Astrofish130. Dudefish131. Jokerfish132. Slickfish133. Sevenfish134. Donkeyfish135. Planetfish136. Smokefish137. Hairyfish138. Fastfish139. Smellyfish140. Musclefish141. Quietfish142. Trollfish143. Womanfish144. Bumfish145. Cakefish146. Hairfish147. Hellofish148. Richfish149. Sneakyfish150. Yofish151. Biblefish152. Bulletfish153. Dollarfish154. Momfish155. Moneyfish156. Princefish157. Rambofish158. Rockingfish159. Royalfish160. Satanfish161. Toefish162. Toiletfish163. Bronzefish164. Grandfish165. Gypsyfish166. Laughingfish167. Mysticfish168. Sixfish169. Thousandfish170. Trickyfish171. WarmfishRecent changes:-Save feature added!Content rating: Everyone

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August 8, 2015
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November 6, 2016
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Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.
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